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Why I Chose the IKON Pass Over the Epic Pass This Season

Mammoth Mountain IKON Pass 2018-2019

OK – I did it.  I bought the IKON ski pass – and I’m super excited about it!

The other day I wrote a post about trying to decide whether to buy the EPIC Pass or the IKON Pass, and I decided to go with the IKON Pass.  

This will be the first year I’ve been able to ski at all – as our daughter Ava Kalea is now 27 months old and has received most of our focus during the first 2+ years of her life (and rightly so).  Just recently I finally realized that I really NEED to pursue my passion of skiing and snowboarding and got the ok from Stacia to buy a pass – and plan at least one ski out a month.  So stoked!  And it gives me a lot to plan for and look forward to.

The reason that I chose the IKON pass is that my good friend Gary has the same pass – and has been going to Mammoth Mountain (a 6.5 hour drive from home) pretty often over the last number of years.  Even though I have not ever been to Mammoth (or ever even skied in California), I expect that it will be my home mountain this season.

Skiing and Snowboarding is Better with Friends and Family

Besides being able to ski at Mammoth with Gary, the IKON pass also covers Big Bear (which is the closest ski area locally).  I’ve never really had a desire to ski at Big Bear, as it’s not very big or challenging, but it may be a good place for me to first get Ava on the snow …  The IKON pass also provides 5 days of skiing at Snoqualmie Summit – the last place I bought a season pass at – and the place where my good friend Tim buys a pass every year (and the only place he ever skis any more).

The IKON pass also covers skiing at some great places in Utah – including Brighton, which I’ve been told is a really great family resort.  I’m hoping that I can get the entire family out there for spring skiing in March or April of 2019.

Looking Forward to Skiing and Boarding ASAP

Gary and I were actually tentatively planning on going up to Mammoth for a few days today, but he called and said he decided against it.  Even though there was 3-5 feet of new snow this week, he’s waiting for more snow coverage.  I’d also go, no matter what, but I do trust his judgement, so I’ll just have to be patient and wait a couple more weeks for a trip we are planning before the holidays.

At any rate, I’m super glad that I finally have an IKON Pass and look forward to putting it to good use.  Please let me know if you are planning to do any skiing or riding at any of the ski resorts on the IKON pass (or otherwise).  Perhaps we can meet up and/or travel together?