• Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

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Listing Agent BrokerSeeking Super Professional Listing Agent Broker in San Diego County for New Real Estate Brokerage.

SD Listing Agent Broker Wanted!  Happy August 1st!

While still waiting for a broker exam test date from the state so I can get my CA RE Brokers License back, I have been plotting and planning on how to build a great real estate company.

I was thinking that it might be prudent for myself to find someone who needs a hard-working and experienced assistant, so that I can make new contacts and get bak on pace with the local market.  Despite my greatly varied experience in many different facets of real estate, I just have not been able to get interviews.  Except one.  A two hour interview.  After which, I was promised a call back in the next two days.  No call – ever.  Would not respond to voicemails or follow up emails.

This gave me pause.  The broker seemed super smart and I really value their experience.  I could have definitely helped in a lot of ways – particularly well with marketing and growing the business.  But it wasn’t to be – no big deal, but at least have the courage to give me a call.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have a referral for you in the future?

Not to dwell on this at all, but celebrate it!  This single incident has helped me finally realize that with the right people, I can build a GREAT real estate team.  It is not to difficult to imagine a real estate brokerage, with accessible agents and brokers, and a supportive staff who all treat people like people.  That means every client, every employee, every manager – and even applicants will be treated with the same respect that every human deserves.

Listing Agent Broker Wanted in San Diego Now!

So push the past aside right now!  I am looking for a Listing Agent Broker to head the listing side of A New Day Real Estate here in San Diego County.  California Real Estate Sales License required. Experience and clients are preferred.  I am hoping to find someone who will want to jump right in, help build a strong, reliable and client centered real estate brokerage and potentially take an ownership position.  Send me an email or hit me up on Instagram – send a resume and a note about why you would like to be part of growing a new client centric real estate company.  I look forward to hearing from you!

BTW – in my earlier story about being dissed after a two plus hour interview, I really liked the broker.  This person had definitely fought a lot of battles and came through it alive.  I could have seen myself working with and for this person – both contributing and learning.  Instead, I will be the one actually BUILDING a complete people centric real estate team for San Diego County.  And I will do as you said you want to do – model our people centric real estate team after the ultra successful Tim Smith Group selling real estate in Orange County.