• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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Nutrinsic Releases Protein Crisis Video and Provides a Sustainable Solution

Nutrinsic Protein CrisisA new video released by Nutrinsic, a sustainable protein company based in Glendale, Colorado, depicts the world’s current protein crisis, points to the overfishing of our oceans, and offers a solution: ProFloc, sustainable protein, created from underutilized nutrients.

ProFloc(tm) is produced using patented technology, which upcycles nutrients that would otherwise be undervalued or lost, making it a sustainable and earth-friendly protein source for all types of aquatic and terrestrial animal feeds.

Nutrinsic recently announced the grand opening of a ProFloc facility co-located at MILLERCOORS LLC in Trenton Ohio. The facility has a nameplate capacity of 5,000 tons per year of ProFloc, a high quality, protein ingredient for use in fish and animal nutrition.

Nutrinsic’s CEO, Leo Gingras, said, “At Nutrinsic we ask how we can better utilize limited food resources to provide sustainable nutrition for a growing world population. With our technology we have come up with a cost-effective, high quality protein for animal nutrition with the added benefit of clean water as a by-product. We are very pleased to be commercializing our technology and ProFloc(tm) and look forward to rapidly growing the business.”

The video includes a two-minute overview of the patented Nutrinsic technology used to create ProFloc, and explains the growing need for sustainable proteins. To view the video, visit http://nutrinsic.com/nutrinsic/.

Nutrinsic Corporation

Nutrinsic is a pioneer in providing commercial nutrition solutions through the upcycling of unused nutrients. By recovering nutrients, Nutrinsic helps food and beverage processors deliver clean water to the environment and eliminate the need to dispose of waste. This process creates an environmentally and economically sustainable source of premium protein for animal nutrition.  www.nutrinsic.com