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Northwest Senior Care New Technology Is Finally Making Home Care Affordable For Seniors

Northwest Senior CareNorthwest Senior Care on Cutting Edge of Seniors Home Care

Northwest Senior Care is helping local families.  Families struggling with the rising costs of senior services are feeling relief through Northwest Senior Care’s mission to embrace innovation.

Bellevue, Wa. 19th June 2015

According to a survey conducted by Genworth Incorporated, the median cost last year for a family requiring senior support services in Washington State was $51,777. In an attempt to address the issue of home care affordability, Northwest Senior Care of Bellevue has partnered with San Francisco tech start-up, Lively, to create an affordable alternative to traditional caregiving. Using non-invasive monitoring technology developed by the California based company; Northwest Senior Care has provided it’s King County seniors the ability to reside safely within their homes while requiring less of the expensive care services offered by traditional home care agencies.

On the specifics of this new technology and how it is reducing the cost of care for families, Northwest Senior Care founder Jerid Paige explained that, “The system uses a wristwatch that tracks the number of steps taken by the user, as well as provides medication reminders, and includes an emergency response button in case of an incident. Additionally, a few small sensors are placed on surfaces such as shower doors, pill boxes, or refrigerators to track activity such as bathing, eating and medication schedule.” He continues stating that, “with this approach, more protective supervision that was once completed in-person by way of more expensive traditional care services can now be completed from afar”.

The cost savings are not the only benefit this new technology provides. Being able to track certain activity has allowed Northwest Senior Care to detect potential issues before they become bigger problems. Noticing a drop in daily step count can indicate sleeping issues or a lowered energy level, which could possibly result in a fall. A shift in meal routine can signal a change in appetite potentially due to an issue with medication. By embracing innovation, seniors looking to stay safe and independent within their homes now have a simple solution.

About Northwest Senior Care
Founded in 2008 Northwest Senior Care is a family run senior services agency providing in-home caregiving and senior housing referrals for King County Seniors.

Press Contact
Name: Jerid Paige
Mobile: (206) 225-9373
Office: (206) 910-8177
Email: jerid@northwestseniorcare.com