• Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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The American Voter’s Only Hope: A Citizen Candidate Chosen on “The Write-In”

The Write InLOS ANGELES – In the wake of Super Tuesday 3, Americans – particularly Millennials – are wondering, What happens next? Why are we stuck with Trump and Hillary? Who will represent us?

“The autopsy report will show the GOP failed to diversify while the Democratic Party ignored Millennials,” predicted Michael Wilson, CEO of LionHound Productions. “Our show, ‘The Write-In’ is exactly what America needs after another failed two-party nomination process.”

Each week on “The Write-In”, policy experts, entertainers, and media representatives will challenge the television audience to select their candidate to be a write-in on the November 2016 presidential election ballot. The official website for the show is www.thewrite-in.com. The site includes an official nomination page and application form.

“It’s time for a genuine citizen candidate to step forward to rescue the American people from the vulgar attacks, name-calling and campaign rally violence,” Wilson said. “‘The Write-In’ is best answer to the mess Washington has created.”