• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

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The is ONE Guy on the Planet Who Doesn’t Want a Tesla Model S After Driving One for the Weekend

Red Tesla Model S
Rob Enderle wrote a post for Digital Trends that outlines many of the great features of the Tesla Model S, but claims that he doesn’t want one because he isn’t a big sedan guy.  I can respect that – especially since he is looking forward to the future Tesla models including a SUV called the Tesla Model X and other models currently under development.
Enderle rented a Model S from Club Sportiva (with locations in Marina del Rey -my former home, and in the Bay area) for the weekend, so he did get the full experience, but he complained that the car was too large for him and he warned that the 17″ touchscreen was a distraction for him – and almost seemed to complain that the Tesla had too much power ….
In fairness to Rob, he wrote the post over a year ago, but he seemed to have challenges finding chargers for his needs.  I know there are more chargers today and more coming online all the time.  (Tesla just opened their first Supercharger station in Canada). With a little bit of proper planning, I don’t think this is an issue.  He did complain about the price tag of the Model S, but didn’t even mention not ever having to stop at a gas station to fork out an insane amount of money to fill up all the time …
Mr. Enderle may not be getting a Tesla Model S, but I am – and he is probably the only person on the planet who has driven one and doesn’t want it really bad …