• Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

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7 Reasons I am Excited About Getting a Tesla

Grey Tesla Model S
Ever since I first drove the Tesla Model S P85, I’ve known that I HAVE to have one.  Not owning one is not an option.  Not only is it a good looking and fully functional vehicle – it is super fun to drive and if you have seen the video of our kids in the back seat, you can see how happy it made them.  There are a lot of reasons that I am excited about getting a Tesla – gray Model S P85 and here are 7 of them:
1. Teslas are far more environmentally friendly than cars with combustible engines …  We’ve all done way too much to harm our precious Mother Earth and it is time that we all do whatever we can to help preserve and repair her.
2. Once I own my Tesla, I will never have to buy gasoline again.  This does relate to reason #1, but it also helps reduce dependence on a commodity that wars are continually fought for.  When there is no dependence on oil, there is no need to start or fight wars to be able to get it.
3.  Having a Tesla means being able to take more road trips.  Not having to pay for expensive gasoline will enable us to show our kids more of our great country.  We will get to see Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Liberty Bell, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Sedona, Yosemite, Niagra Falls, the Lincoln Memorial, and so many other wonderful places.  Since Stacia and I are avid video journalists and bloggers, we will also be able to share these experiences with thousands of readers and viewers.
4. Having a Tesla will enable us to discover more cool people and businesses to write about and report on.  Since we will no longer be limited to where we can go by our fuel budget, we will be able to get out and discover and share more.
5.  Owning a Tesla means that we will be able to share our Tesla.  We are committed to sharing the Tesla experience wherever we go.  While some people can go to a Tesla dealership and test drive one, many across our great country do not live close enough and we want to be able to help people experience driving a Tesla first hand.
6.  Tesla vehicles have superior design.  Not only are Teslas designed with the best aerodynamics and range of miles per charge, but they are super functional, equipped with full internet, 17″ touch screen computers with navigation, back up camera – and they not only have room for cargo in the trunk of the car, but also in the ‘frunk” or the front trunk (where the engine of most oil burning cars sits).  Teslas are road trip ready!
7. Tesla Motors is continually installing more Super Chargers across the country.  A Tesla can get a full charge in around 30 minutes at a Super Charger – and use of the Super Charger is FREE!!!
BONUS:  Did I mention that driving a Tesla is FUN?  It’s the most fun that I’ve had in a long time and if you check out the video, you will see that the kids enjoyed it too.