• Tue. May 21st, 2024

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2014 Tesla Model S P85D Silver in San Diego

2014 Tesla Model S P85D Silver in San DiegoI’ve recently come across a couple of sites to see many Tesla vehicles for sale – and to be able to make an offer as soon as the time is right.

I’m working on selling advertising (vehicle wrapping) for a Tesla Model S, driving all over San Diego County (mostly in the Del Mar / La Jolla area).  If you know anyone who might benefit, please send them my way.  Teslas have been wrapped with a lot of great graphics all around the world, creating great looking, mobile advertising.  There has been more than one alcohol distillery, brewery and of course, attorney’s office in San Diego who have seen the benefit of wrapping a Tesla Model S and having someone drive it all around town.

As far as the sites that sell, or help sell, Tesla vehicles, the first is the official Tesla used car page at  www.tesla.com/used .  To me, it doesn’t seem like they are negotiating on the prices too much for the CPO or Certified Pre Owned Teslas from the company.

Another Tesla only site is www.OnlyUsedTesla.com where I found a 2014 Tesla Model S P85+ for ‘only’ $57k.  The best part about it is that the car (which appears to be in pristine condition), is located right here in San Diego!  Now all I have to do is find some way to get the money for it.

It can’t be too hard to make a ‘measeley” $57k for a Tesla.  Any ideas?  I’d love to hear them.