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Tried and Tested Security Measures for Commercial Businesses

ByJoe Connector

May 27, 2015

Security CameraEvery business has its own security needs and these can vary from high-tech computer software protection to standard burglar alarms. You will want to keep your premises safe from burglary, vandalism and fire damage as well as keeping your staff secure.
Securing your premises
In order to protect your business and to satisfy the demands of your insurers, every company throughout the UK should have some form of security in place. Security Direct among other companies offers a wide range of security doors and shutters to protect your building. It’s important to safeguard the interior of your property as well as the exterior.

Risk assessment

The website Start Up Donut has published figures that show that crimes against businesses have increased by 20%, costing companies £21 billion per year. Carry out a risk assessment of your business premises; perform this exercise with a friend, as two pairs of eyes are usually better than one. You could also ask your local crime prevention officer to help you carry out this task. Look out for parts of your property that are easy to access. If you have a perimeter fence, then you should make sure that it’s secure.

Standard security measures

If you have the finances, install some CCTV. Make sure that the tapes are kept up to date and that the cameras are positioned in vulnerable areas. Exits and stock rooms should be monitored at all times. If you can place unobtrusive cameras in your stock room you can have peace of mind that you can monitor the whole business. Sadly all the vetting procedures in the world can’t protect you from theft from your own staff, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Advertise your security 

Make sure that your alarms are labelled and you have a notice on the exterior and the interior of your business announcing that your property is protected by alarm. The professional thief may still chance their luck, but an opportunist thief should be deterred. If your alarm system is linked to the local police station, then tell the world. This simple procedure may stop your windows being broken or an attack by a ram raider.

Light your premises

A building that’s shrouded in gloom is always inviting to criminals. The Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure generally advises on terrorism and other extreme forms of violation, but its advice on lighting is just as applicable as a burglar deterrent as any other shape of criminal. You could install sensor lights that are connected to an alarm. The criminal won’t necessarily be aware that they have tripped the sensor switch as these lights are often infra red. If you don’t want the thief to get this far, then a strong light outside your shop or business premises will act as an effective deterrent.

Security codes and keys

Don’t leave spare keys on public display, you’re only asking for trouble. If you use codes to access company computers, storerooms or safes, only share these with one or two people. One way of deterring crime is to control of sensitive information.