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Top 5 YouTube Tips for Bellevue Small Businesses

ByJoe Connector

May 27, 2015

YouTube Workshop with Stacia LooIf you haven’t explored video as a powerful marketing tool you might be missing out on a powerful marketing tool. YouTube is FREE and easy to use with a massive market audience which gives small businesses the kind of leverage big businesses have with TV and Commercials. However, like any strategy or tool, in order for it to see positive results it needs to be put into action.

I have put together 5 tips to help Bellevue Small Businesses get the most out of YouTube.

1. Create and Brand Your Channel
Just get started and sign up for a YouTube Channel. Once you start your channel make sure you customize your channel so that it has your company’s logo, looks similar to your website and look of your brand. You can have your designer to create a YouTube Banner with your logo and images that will share what your channel is all about. It is well worth the time and will only take a few seconds to set up.

2. Develop a list of topics
My tip on finding out what topics to create videos around is to search Amazon’s Books around your topic or industry. Find a popular book such as 101 Questions for ________(fill in the blank with your industry). Click on a book and search the contents of the book and you will see titles that will be great topics you could do videos about for your audience.

3. Search Google Keyword Planner
Search Google’s keyword planner to find out more relevant topics and keywords to focus your videos around. Doing this research ahead of time will help you get your videos ranked on the first page of Google.

4. You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment
These days everyone has a smart phone or an iPhone that has a very high quality video camera. People love videos that are real and raw. Try to to shake too much or have someone hold your phone while you film your video. Make sure that the lighting is in front of you or else the video will look dark. You can also make sure that you don’t do videos behind a window. I have more tips on this but for now just don’t go out and buy fancy equipment if you are on a budget. You can easily do it with a simple iPhone or very low end flip type camera.

5. Call to Action
At the end of your videos make sure to let your viewers know what to do next after watching your video. That might be telling them to visit you on your website, like this video, interact with you by commenting or asking a question the comment box below. People need to know how they can contribute to you or what they should do next with the valuable content you just shared with them.

If you would like to know more about how to start a YouTube Channel for your Bellevue Business I would love to invite you to my next workshop.

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