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Pokémon Go Draining Phone Battery? Novi Portable Charging Station to the Rescue

Novi Charging StationNew Novi mobile device charging system allows businesses to benefit from the Pokémon craze

MG, developers of innovative charging solutions for modern mobile devices, have announced its new Novi Portable Charging Station as the perfect tool for businesses wanting to attract and monetize Pokémon Go players all over the world. Featuring a wireless charging dock that rapidly charges up to 8 lightweight portable battery pods in only 2.5 hours, the Novi helps your business become essential to the Pokémon hunting crowd looking to power their mobile devices. The Novi Portable Charging Station starts at $285 for retail and is available now. Custom branding and discounted rates are also available for larger orders of 10 and above.

Take Advantage of the Pokémon Craze

Pokémon Go can drain phone batteries in a matter of hours, and the Charging Station allows your customers to play longer, stay at your business longer, and bring you more revenue. Businesses such as restaurants, bars and hotels can provide portable charging to guests while they refuel themselves. Without the need for clunky traditional charging booths or stations, or the mess of tangled wires and plugs, it is easy to use, portable, and space efficient.

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, with 100 million total downloads and estimated revenue of $10 million per day. The game has already built a devoted fan base globally with more active daily users than Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat.

Businesses now have a prime opportunity to take advantage of the immense Pokémon Go user base. Whether your business is near a designated Pokéstop or if your customers just can’t seem to put down their phones, the Novi can help you take advantage of the Pokémon phenomenon and boost sales and traffic. With the Novi Portable charging device, you can help your customers avoid low battery warnings, while simultaneously helping your business thrive.

Portability and Convenience in One Sleek Package

The Novi Portable Charging Station consists of the Novi Dock and portable Novi Pods. The Novi Dock is powered by an internal AC adapter with a removable 2-prong cable that can be used in any country. Each dock can hold up to 8 pods, and using MG’s LunaPulse Technology, the Novi Dock charges all Pods upon contact. With the Novi, you’ll always have enough battery pods for all your customers, and you will never have to worry about searching for available plugs and outlets.

Advanced technology and perfected design allows the Novi Pods to charge at lightning speed. 8 portable chargers can be charged together in only 2.5 hours. Each Pod houses a built-in Lightning and Micro-USB charging cables, and once plugged in, your device is immediately given a new lease on life. In addition, each pod is capable of totally recharging your device in as little as an hour and a half.

By adding your logo to each unit and offering this across multiple locations, you can also build brand awareness and loyalty from your customers, who will enjoy the extra benefit of getting their batteries filled whilst eating or having a drink. Offering such a service to your customers can go a long way in terms of relationship building, as well as gaining a lot of social sharing and social mentions.

About MG

MG is an innovative startup that develops charging solutions for mobile devices. The MG Novi Charging Station system allows consumers to take and charge their mobile devices anywhere, and allows businesses to leverage MG mobile charging technology to provide better mobile charging solutions for customers. Combining advanced technology with sleek design and unprecedented convenience, MG keeps your mobile devices running as long as you need them.

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