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Hempfest Announces The Hempfest Business Showcase

ByJoe Connector

Jan 15, 2015

With a flourishing medical industry and an emerging statewide legal recreational cannabis market, cannabis businesses are blooming.  The Hempfest Business Show, taking place August 15 & 16, 2015, at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, is about creating an environment in which these industries flourish & mature.  Running concurrent with Seattle Hempfest, which will be taking place just minutes away, Hempfest Business will connect business owners with the suppliers of cultivation equipment, packaging, marketing, web design, insurance, nutrients, & the myriad of other products and ancillary services it takes to run a cannabis business in the modern age.

Hempfest Business offers the opportunity to intermingle with the activism and cultural celebration taking place on the gorgeous Seattle waterfront nearby, at the original event that tilled the soil in which these new American made business opportunities are now starting to flourish and grow.

Seattle Hempfest is Washington’s oldest cannabis business, They’ve been here for 24 years paving the way for cannabis legalization. They’re proud to further facilitate the relationships it requires to be successful in today’s cannabis marketplace through educational panels, forums, & business to business enterprises.
Also:  Hempfest Business Mixer Location: Skyline level of the Space Needle, 400 Broad Street Seattle, Wa 98109 8:00 PM – Midnight
The Hempfest Business Mixer, taking place at the Skyline level of  Seattle’s iconic Space Needle, will be the party of the summer.  The movers & shakers of the emerging cannabis market will intermingle while enjoying the world famous view.  The night will also host our first ever Hempfest Business of the Year award.

More info can be found at Hempfest.org