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All New Eastside Business News Site is Live!

The All New Eastside Business News site is now live at

Mucho thanks to Ramey Bell and Rocket Fuel Marketing.

I think that you will like it a lot and look forward to your comments.

Please make sure to visit our Business Directory and list your Eastside business or organization for FREE. Featured listings are available for a limited time at only $50 a year on a first-come, first-served basis, although priority is given to advertisers in the print edition of Eastside Business Monthly. For more info send an email to

The China Eggs

This is a great story that was in today’s Small Business Advocate e-newsletter from Jim Blasingame. I recommend that anyone in business sign-up for and read his newsletter. The China Egg “Farm-fresh eggs.” Seeing those words on a breakfast menu harkens me back to when that was a daily reality. But farmers know that hens… Continue Reading

New Website almost Ready

Hello Dedicated Readers: I wanted to let you know that we have been hard at work on the new, and greatly improved Eastside Business website. Thanks to the design work of Ramey Bell, I believe it kicks ass on all the other local news sites, including the King County Journal’s. You’ll have to take a… Continue Reading

Why Option Arms Are A Bad Idea

In today’s Early to Rise Newsletter (which I fully recommend EVERYBODY subscribe to), Michael Masterson wrote the following piece: Sometimes It’s Hard to Make Money Giving Good AdviceAlex, a broker and Jiu Jitsu buddy, has been telling me that he’s been having a hard time selling mortgages because his customers don’t want to hear his… Continue Reading

Current Market and Mortgage Options

According to tody’s T.J. Knowles Mortgage Newsletter, which I find very informative and entertaining, interest rates are up and expected to keep climbing. He also says that property values are flattening and even going down in some areas. Even though he works in the southern California area, I see the same things being true up… Continue Reading

Bill Gate’s “Sea Change” Email – Full Text

Thanks to Dave Winer and Hypercamp we now have the full text of Bill Gate’s by now infamous email noting a “sea change” in technology as well as the complete memo from Ray Ozzie that was attached to that email. We’re certainly glad that they’ve recognized the need to adapt and hope they can do… Continue Reading

Slow Down in the Local Residential Market??

In a press release sent out today, the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) says that homebuyers are finding a bigger selection and less competition in the local marketplace. It also goes on to say “But brokers say there is little chance of a bursting housing bubble in Western Washington”. Click here to see the release… Continue Reading

Future Real Estate Trends?

In a recent article written for Business 2.0, Paul Kaihla writes about Seattle, Portland and Eugene all growing together to become a Northwest Megapolitan area he calls “Cascadia”. Here are some of his predictions for the future: CASCADIAVast quantities of cheap, prime greenfield surrounding Seattle, Portland, and Eugene give the Northwest megapolitan explosive growth potential.… Continue Reading

Need Help Buying or Selling a Commercial Property?

Are you looking to buy, lease or sell commercial property in the Puget Sound area? Do you know someone that is? I’m currently looking for clients to represent. I specialize in negotiating on commercial properties as investments. For sellers, as part of my comprehensive marketing plan, I will advertise all properties listed with me on… Continue Reading