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Bellevue Overlake Dental is on the Bellevue Business Directory

ByJoe Connector

Feb 25, 2015

Dr Young Lee Bellevue DentistThe newest member of the Bellevue Business Directory is Bellevue Overlake Dental and Dr. Young Lee, who have been awarded a Gold Listing (and free publicity and social sharing) for a month!

Each patient at Overlake Dental’s Bellevue dentistry clinic receives a customized treatment plan. During your very first visit to Bellevue Overlake Dental, you will receive a completely personalized experience and a breakdown of all the treatments you need to achieve your oral health goals.

This treatment plan serves as a guide or blueprint for achieving optimal oral health and may include several treatments or services, such as laser gum disease treatment, deep cleanings, tooth extractions, crowns and bridges, or orthodontic care. Many or all of these procedures can be performed in-house, and Dr. Lee is among the few dentists in Bellevue to offer several types of minimally-invasive procedures for patient comfort.

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Bellevue Overlake Dental is on the Bellevue Business Directory | RecoveringCredit

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