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EvoNexus Tech Incubator Welcomes New Class of Startups – to Receive Mentorship from Google, Qualcomm, ViaSat, ResMed and More

EvoNexusEvoNexus, the non-profit Southern California technology incubator and hub, has added 16 companies to its portfolio of promising startups. Among other benefits, the startups will benefit from Class A office and lab space in San Diego and Irvine provided by The Irvine Company, California’s leading real estate developer.

EvoNexus specializes in helping young companies take their product or prototype to market and then scale up. Typically, the incubator accepts about 1 in 10 applicants. Since its inception in 2009, EvoNexus has helped 179 companies.

“EvoNexus is like an elite university for companies,” says EvoNexus Chief Technologist Chuck Pateros, Ph.D. “Coming from ViaSat, where I was a new grad at a startup for 24 years, I am proud to welcome my first class of companies that will become the next generation of technology and economic leaders in Southern California.

“I especially want to thank the incredible mentors, many of whom are executives and leaders from public technology and life science corporations, that freely give of their time to prepare these great companies to face the world.”

The Incoming Class of EvoNexus Startups:

San Diego

Accel Robotics: Accel Robotics has developed a 360-degree visual intelligence that enables robots to see and interact with humans while gathering behavioral data. Accel’s first target is the retail market; its OMNIO service works as an AI-enabled shopping assistant helping both customers and associates.

CB Therapeutics: CB Therapeutics has developed patent-pending technology for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids and other therapeutic molecules using yeast.

DoWhop: DoWhop is a peer-to-peer marketplace for shared experiences. Discover ongoing opportunities, or sell your own activities: book online, meet up in person, “DoWhop” you love!

Elevada: Elevada’s Curator platform provides self-service data preparation tools that collect, clean and transform data from various file types, formats and data sources, helping Big Data & Business Analytics customers avoid expensive and time-consuming IT intervention, project staffing and related delays.

GigaIO Networks: GigaIO enables the data center applications of tomorrow by solving today’s top data center problem: slow interconnect performance.

Go Ghost: Go Ghost is a software company developing innovative new ways to support the Visual Effects, Animation, and Virtual Reality industries. Go Ghost has developed a flagship technology and a new image format that saves money on overhead and reduces iteration, need for storage space, processing time, and wait time for artists.

MiP.O.V.: MiP.O.V. is a social video company that is unlocking the visual potential of social media. MIP.O.V. enables seamless connectivity to mobile, captures only moments worth saving and shares footage to all of your favorite social sites, while tracking your impact from one location.

MG Therapies: MG Therapies’ MGrx device delivers cost-effective relief to the 45 million dry eye syndrome patients in the U.S. and Europe at a quarter of the cost of the market incumbent.

Obsidian: Obsidian has developed a glass microelectromechanical system (MEMS) thermal sensor technology that is vastly cheaper to manufacture than incumbent silicon MEMS-based sensors. Obsidian sensors will enable the next generation of low cost infrared imaging for applications like security cameras and autonomous vehicles.

Sourcify: Sourcify connects companies with the world’s top manufacturers from their vetted sourcing pool, providing a suite of tools that helps streamline client-manufacturer relationships.

Tunnel Vision: Tunnel Vision provides virtual reality software, hardware and 360-degree video content to indoor skydiving sites globally, allowing customers to virtually skydive or fly anywhere in the world.

Uprise Energy: Uprise Energy has designed, engineered, built and tested the world’s first and only portable wind turbine. It can be delivered easily to any remote site, set up by one person in one hour, and produce enough electricity in low wind speeds to support 100 villagers.


BlockBuyer: The BlockBuyer portal allows non-accredited investors (those with a net worth of less than $1 million, or 93% of the U.S. population) to buy a percentage ownership in residential properties via crowdfunding. BlockBuyer’s trusted Do-It-For-Me, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform dramatically reduces risk for investors with a minimal amount of capital, effort, and time.

Syntiant: Syntiant uses ultra-low-power semiconductors to move machine learning from the cloud to the edge device, enabling artificial intelligence for sensor, voice and video applications in almost any battery-powered product. The company has put its technology to work developing more intelligent hearing aids. 

ThinkIQ: ThinkIQ has developed a software platform that takes advantage of the emergence of the industrial internet of things (IIoT), big data, data analytics, and cloud computing to deduce, in a non-invasive, operationally efficient, and cost-effective way across the entire manufacturing supply chain, exactly how products are made.

Move2Play: The more you move, the more fun you have! Move2Play creates toys based on this simple philosophy and has developed a hardware platform that facilitates new play patterns by deciphering unique user movement.  

About EvoNexus:
EvoNexus is the leading tech incubator in Southern California. Under its pro-bono model, EvoNexus startups receive mentorship, access to capital and space in a collaborative working environment, without giving up equity or fees. EvoNexus is supported by corporate investors, including some of the largest multinational corporations in the world, such as Qualcomm and ViaSat. In just over seven years, EvoNexus portfolio companies have raised over $1.2 billion in funding and outcomes and 18 startups have been acquired.