• Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

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Del Mar Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Del Mar Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Hello to Del Mar Neighbors:

Please let me know if you know any of our Del Mar community members who are in need of help.

I can work to procure food and even TP …  I can help w deliveries or technology.

Since we are on mandatory lock down, I do not want to have any person to person contact, but am willing to help neighbors in need however possible.  

I’m also willing to work as a personal assistant from afar.  I’ve been let go from my accounting job and unable to drive rideshare due to lockdown.  I need a way to be able to buy food and pay for utilities and rent for my wife and our 3 year old.

Stay safe, stay healthy and please let me know if you know anyone who needs assistance. We’ll get through this uncertain time together.


Joe Kennedy