• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

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Del Mar Villas Manager Susan Thrasher's Truck Illegally Parked

Del Mar Villas Manager Susan Thrasher's Truck Illegally ParkedI’ve noticed several times over the course of the last month a big red truck illegally parked in the fire lane across the parking lot from the gym at Del Mar Villas.

More than once (including today), it was sitting there for well over an hour.  I have personally witnessed two separate occasions when another car was driving through the parking lot and had to swerve to avoid hitting this illegally parked truck.

Del Mar Villas Manager Susan Thrasher getting into her truck parked illegally for over an hourThe thing about this is that the truck belongs to someone who should know better – and has a covered parking space to park in:  the current Del Mar Villas manager Susan Thrasher.

Apparently the rules (and the laws) that we are all supposed to be abiding by, just don’t apply to Ms. Thrasher.

I’ve LOVE to hear your thoughts on this.

BTW – what happens when someone runs into this illegally parked truck when turning around the corner?  Or even worse – what if someone has to swerve out of the way and hits an innocent bystander?

Update:  On August 20th, Del Mar Villas Manager Susan Thrasher drove by me in the parking lot saying that she saw this website, that I did a good job on it and that I should do a newsletter.  She also said I should get two sides of the story, continuing to say that she has always allowed people to park in a no parking zone for 15 minutes.  I told her I was not interested in discussing this with her (there is no way to get through the point that it is extremely dangerous – or that she has been parked there for over 2 hours on at least one occasion).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – please comment below.