• Mon. May 20th, 2024

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Thank You to Ginger Keeney for Supporting the I’m Getting a Tesla Project

A BIG THANK YOU to Ginger Keeney of Advanced Brain Technologies for her very generous donation to the I’m Getting a Tesla Project.  Although I have not yet had the opportunity to meet Ginger, we became connected via LinkedIn a few days ago and once I started looking into the company that she works for, I got very excited.  Advanced Brain Technology develops audio programs and other products that are designed to help make our brains stronger and more active – and help us use more brain power than we ever have before.

Tesla Super Charger
Imagine if you could use a larger percentage of your brain power each and every day ….  would you be smarter?  make better decisions?  have an advantage over your competition?  I think so – and now you can do this with the help of ABT’s products.  What are you waiting for?  Go check out their website and order the products – BUT first please do like Ginger and make a donation to the I’m Getting a Tesla project.
This project is about so much more than us getting a Tesla and sharing it with North America.  It’s about more than our family getting to visit the natural wonders across our country.  This project is really about teaching people that they can manifest anything they want into their lives.  Just in the past couple of years, I’ve been able to manifest the girl of my dreams (you might have seen the video of my surprise public proposal a couple of weeks ago), and I’ve been able to manifest an incredibly healthy lifestyle and super healthy nutrition.  I am a walking talking example of how anyone can manifest anything into their lives.  And if you don’t believe me now …. just wait …. cause I’m Getting a Tesla!
Thanks again Ginger Keeney and everyone else who has already supported this project!