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List of Tesla Motors Related Content from SpeakEV.com

This is a great list of content related to Tesla Motors that was shared by Teo on the SpeakEV.com forum and I thought that I should share it here too.  I will be making individual posts about some of this content as I get to review it.
Tesla Related Documentaries
  1. Elon Musk: Bloomberg Risk Takers (2011, 52m, Moreflicks**)
    Available on Netflix US and Netflix Canada. Netflix UK Workaround* below
    SEARCH LINK (select 52 minutes long video)
  2. National Geographic Megafactories: Tesla (45m) Great documentary. Very good production quality.
    SEARCH LINK (select 44,45 or 46 minutes long video)
  3. Revenge of the Electric Car (2011, 1h 29m, Moreflicks**)
    Available on Netflix US, Canada, Norway. Netflix UK Workaround* below.
    SEARCH LINK (select 89 minutes long video)
Tesla Model S Videos
  1. Official Tesla Model S walkthrough video, 27m, LINK
  2. Official Tesla Model S touch screen video, 31m, LINK
  3. Mike Anthony interviews four Model S owners, LINK
  4. Bjørn Nyland videos LINK
  5. CNET videos LINK
Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting Videos:
Tesla Conference Calls (audio recordings)
It will ask you for login details. You can enter any bogus information you want like John Smith info@example.com
Elon Musk Videos (sorted by date)
  1. Elon Musk, Model X Reveal, 9 Feb 2012, LINK
  2. Fireside Chat With Elon Musk, Pando Monthly, 12 Jul 2012, 1h 3m, LINK
  3. 2013 MotorTrend Car Of The Year, 12 Nov 2012, 20m, LINK
  4. Elon Musk, TED Talks, Feb 2013, 21m, LINK1LINK2
  5. Elon Musk and Dr Steven Chu, 2013 ARPA-E Summit, 26 Feb 2013, 34m, LINK
  6. A Conversation with Elon Musk, Khan Academy, 17 Apr 2013, 48m, LINK
  7. Interview with Elon and Kimbal Musk, Milken Institute, 29 Apr 2013, 50m, LINK
  8. 2013 Teslive Event, 15 Jul 2013, 59m, LINK
  9. Elon Musk Dutch TV Interview, 20 Aug 2013, 26m, SEARCH LINK (select 26 minutes long video)
  10. Elon Musk Interview, Stanford GSB 2013, 2 Oct 2013, 53m, LINK
  11. Elon Musk NYTimes DealBook Interview, 12 Nov 2013, 24m, LINK
  12. Elon Musk Interview, LA World Affairs Council, 18 Nov 2013, 46m LINK
  13. Elon Musk Interview, Dell World 2013, 12 Dec 2013, 45m, LINK
  14. Elon Musk, Townhall meeting in Amsterdam, 2 Feb 2014, 56m, LINK
  15. Elon Musk, California Public Utilities Commission, 27 Feb 2014, 1h 53m, LINK
  16. Elon Musk, TV Interview in China, 22 Apr 2014, 23m, SEARCH LINK (select 23 minutes long video)
  17. Elon Musk, 2014 Export-Import Bank Conference, 25 Apr 2014, 28m, LINK
  18. CNBC’s number 1 disruptor Elon Musk, 17 Jun 2014, 21m, LINK
  19. Gigafactory Announcement, 4 Sep 2014, 25m, LINK
  20. Elon Musk, Japan Deliveries, 8 Sep 2014, 31m, LINK

  1. About Tesla, Nissan, Volt batteries by Professor Jeff Dahn, 1h 13m, LINK
JB Straubel Videos (Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer)
  1. Roadster interview, LINK
  2. Electric cars presentation, LINK
  3. 2014 Energy Storage Symposium Keynote, LINK
  4. 2013 GCEP Symposium, LINK
  5. 2013 Energy@Stanford, LINK
Other Tesla Videos (sorted by date)
  1. Model S first deliveries, 22 Jun 2012, LINK
  2. Stanford Seminar by Dave Duff from Telsa Motors, 13 Nov 2012, 1h 17m, LINK
  3. Franz von Holzhausen (Tesla Motors Chief Designer), Interview, 15 Nov 2013, LINK
  4. Marc Tarpenning (Tesla Motors co-founder), Tesla Motors History, 5 Mar 2014, 1h 43m, LINK
  5. Bloomberg News, Tesla v. Dealerships, 17 Apr 2014, 48m, LINK
  6. Data management at Tesla factory using Tableau software, 2 Jun 2014, 51m, LINK

Content Indirectly Related To Tesla
  1. Radio Program About NUMMI Factory (61 minutes)
    This is a sad story about Toyota and GM’s Nummi Factory. Today that building is Tesla’s Fremont Factory where they build the cars. Tesla bought it from Toyota. It had a capacity of 500.000 cars per year. Elon Musk said in the future Tesla will restore the factory to its former capacity.
    In September 2014 during his Japan trip Elon said they have a lot of things to learn from Toyota. This radio program provides some background on why Elon said that. It gives a glance into a fascinating piece of history where two companies with very different cultures, Toyota and GM collided with each other. Maybe it also gives us some clues where Tesla could go and what kind of company they could become.
    Click on the small arrow under the picture. There is a 23 second radio advert before it starts.
  2. Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006, 92m, Documentary, Moreflicks**)
    Elon Musk talked about this documentary many times (link). He said when GM made the EV1 he thought they would continue with EV2, EV3. But when they crushed the EV1 that’s when he knew electric cars wouldn’t succeed without a new car company. In other interviews Elon said his motivation is to take a sad thing and change it into a positive. This documentary gives us an idea on the background why Tesla Motors was started.
    SEARCH LINK (select 92 minutes long video)
*Workaround to watch Netflix US from the UK:
  1. Sign up to Netflix UK on www.netflix.com
  2. In Google Chrome, download the extension ZenMate from here:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/zenmate
  3. When you install ZenMate it asks you for your email. This is not important. If you want you can enter a bogus email and make up a password. You won’t need these later.
  4. In Chrome on top right click on the green ZenMate icon and make sure location is US and it says ON.
  5. Go to netflix.com and sign in with your Netflix UK login details.
**Moreflicks: This website shows in what countries the film is available on Netflix or iTunes. When you open the Moreflix page, click on the Netflix or iTunes icon to see the country list.
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