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Do EMFs from Teslas and Other Electric Vehicles Pose a Health Risk?

Do EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) in Teslas and other electric vehicles pose a health risk to owners of these vehicles?  An article at the Daily Mail says that experts have dismissed the risk from EMFs in electric cars, but is there something there?


The flow of electrical current to the motor that moves a hybrid vehicle or electric produces electromagnetic fields (EMF).
A number of studies have linked EMF exposure with serious health issues, including a possible risk cancer, miscarriage and a higher risk of leukaemia among children.
Batteries and power cables in electric and hybrid vehicles are usually placed close to the driver and passengers, meaning that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields is unavoidable.
‘Some members of the public have attributed a diffuse collection of symptoms to low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields at home,’ according to the World Health Organisation.
‘Reported symptoms include headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue and loss of libido, sleep disorders, headaches, tiredness, concentration and memory problems.’
I received the following message yesterday and immediately wanted to dismiss it as quackery.  Then I thought that I would do some research and make myself aware of any possible risks.
Hi Joe-
I’m happy that you’re a fellow manifester. I was compelled to send a LinkedIn request because I noticed that you’re trying to manifest a Tesla. I, too was obsessed with the notion of driving an electric vehicle, until it was made known to me that having the body close to a large battery is not good for our health.
I’m studying to become a biontologist under Johan Boswinkel, inventor of The Chiren (www.biontology.com). He observed a phenomenon called Electron Spin Inversion, where the electrons in the atoms that make up our cells spin in the opposite direction they were intended. This is caused by prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The resulting symptoms can range from fibromyalgia-like tiredness, chronic fatigue, slow healing process, or even acute illness. According to Dr. Boswinkel all leukemia patients are in electron spin inversion.
I have observed slow healing and unexplained tiredness in my clients who drive electric cars. Because of this I have had to abandon my dream of owning a Tesla, and have decided that my next vehicle will be a VW diesel. I’m unsure which model, but it will be one that gets several hundred miles per tank, which reduces my personal consumption of fossil fuels by 2/3. Not as sexy and swanky as the Tesla, but it’s a great compromise.
I am sorry to bear the bad news, but I do so out care and compassion for my fellow man.
Be well.

This has definitely NOT caused me to not want a Tesla, or even lessened my desire to get a Model S one bit – but I do want to know what others think.  Do you have an opinion on this?  Do you think EMFs from Teslas and other electric vehicles can cause health problems?