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Announcing America’s Greenest Cities Tour 2015

This summer of 2015, we will be organizing the first ever America’s Greenest Cities Tour.  America’s Greenest Cities Tour is designed to spotlight the greenest City or Town in each state and province in North America and then rate them with a poll of the people.  We will be looking at different aspects of green and sustainable living including electric vehicles, public charging stations, solar power, recycling, walkability, public transit, sustainable building, and green friendly governmental policies.
Starting this month, we will be accepting nominations for the Greenest Cities in North America.  Any City or Town can be nominated, and those cities or towns who are deemed “The Greenest” in their respective states and provinces by June 1st, will be visited and featured on this summer’s America’s Greenest Cities Tour.  Our blended family of four will be touring around North America via electric vehicle, visiting the Greenest City of each state and province and reporting on and promoting their green features.  Each stop will be covered via YouTube videos, blog posts and lots and lots of social media updates and promotion.
We expect that each city or town will have it’s own unique green and sustainable features, that other’s around the world can learn and benefit from.  Our ultimate goal is to help advance awareness and use of electric vehicles, solar power and all other tools and techniques in the quest to live green and sustainable lives and save our Mother Earth.
To help make this tour a reality, we are going to need a lot of help and are looking for local, national and international sponsors, partners and media partners.  We will definitely need an Electric Vehicle Manufacturer, green hotel chain and other corporate sponsorships.  If you are interested in partnering with us and supporting America’s Greenest Cities Tour, please contact us.