On UN Water Day, 783 Million Still Lack Clean Water

Watly logoClean tech company announces machine capable of sanitising 5000 litres of water a day

London, March – Tomorrow, on UN’s World Water Day, clean tech company Watly is preparing to open an Indiegogo campaign to fund their award-winning solar technology. The Watly 3.0 thermodynamic computer uses solar energy to sanitise over 5000 litres of water a day, as well as generating electricity and connectivity. The development of Watly 3.0 follows the successful trial of a smaller machine, Watly 2.0, in Abenta Village, Ghana.

Watly will provide the three pillars that modern society needs to prosper: water, power and connectivity. The machine combines the three functionalities to make each one more efficient, delivering a level of service that would possible without them working in unison. Continue reading “On UN Water Day, 783 Million Still Lack Clean Water”


A lunch with business and technology guru Riccardo Zacconi has raised just over £18,000 through an online auction organised by CharityStars.

Zacconi, who founded King Digital Entertainment, the name behind popular mobile games Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue and Bubble Witch, is supporting Hospital Fatebenefratelli in Milan.

An unnamed Italian came out on top following a closely fought bidding process, which started at €500, and paid €25,500 (51 times the starting bid) for lunch with Zacconi. The lunch is due to take place in the coming months and the auction winner will learn how Zacconi made his fortune and hopefully glean some useful knowledge. Zacconi’s company, King Digital Entertainment, is set to sell for $5 billion, so he certainly knows how to run a successful business.

The money raised from this auction is a phenomenal amount for a small-scale charity in Italy. And this isn’t CharityStars’ only recent success story. In the final two months of 2015, CharityStars raised £1 million for good causes, bringing the total the company has raised since its inception in 2013 to £2.2 million, a figure rising daily.

A big contributor to this figure was Eva Longoria’s Global Gift Galas that took place in the UK and Dubai at the end of 2015. A Picasso original titled ‘Seven studies for a head of a Harlequin’ sold for an incredible £120,000, while a Dali piece sold for £50,000 via CharityStars.

CharityStars is leading the way in high-end fundraising with a variety of celebrities and key figures in the business and tech industries donating their time or personal items to support worthy causes all over the world.

In 2016 CharityStars is hoping to build its total raised to £5 million and is always exploring new ways to help charities needing money, celebrities who want to support charities, and companies who have a desire to give back to society.