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According to Huffington Post, the average manager in the workforce spends about half of their day in virtual meetings. This is a huge difference from the actions of corporate leaders a few years ago who rejected or didn’t really understand the significance of integrating video conferencing in the workplace. Now, with executives singing a new tune, the business world is expected to keep evolving, in terms of technology and the addition of even more efficient features as time goes on.

While big corporations are expected to delve into the video conferencing phenomenon, many small businesses are still warming up to the how much these platforms could actually benefit them. Obviously, costs and going outside of a tight budget is mostly being taken into consideration by companies that are still on the rise. Still, Blue Jeans Video Conferencing features should be viewed as a worthwhile investment that’ll eventually pay off in numerous ways.

  • Environmentally Friendly

In the last few decades, the use of paper in companies has gradually become a big no-no. This is especially true for individuals in corporations that promote taking better care of the ecosystem by recycling or being mindful of using paper only in dire circumstances. As a small business owner, you’re getting the most out of new wave corporate practices while simultaneously endorsing a meaningful cause that many people take to heart when you choose to invest in Blue Jeans Video Conferencing.

  • Less Time-Consuming

You also have the freedom of keeping more flexible hours. Figuring out a time when everyone can physically meet can be an unnecessary hassle, not to mention all of the meaningless small talk that people use in conventional business meetings. Granted these are sometimes effective ways to break the ice or transition into the next agenda item in a smooth fashion, but there’s a tendency of getting carried away with idle conversation.

  • Boosts Productivity

That said, online meeting participants are less likely to lose interest due to unproductive talks. Consider the times you’ve stared at a speaker’s face without fully processing his or her words because mentally, you’d already went into your own world of thoughts. Don’t feel bad because everyone’s had a similar feeling at some point in their career.

Unfortunately, this is a normal response that indicates the lack of engagement in many face-to-face meetings. Virtual conferences, on the other hand, help you stay focused on the bigger picture. Corporate webinars force people to get to the heart of their meeting’s outline without rambling or digressing.

This, in turn, triggers a higher participation level that has better chances of wooing people into speaking up and voicing their opinions. Keep in mind that some people are still very self-conscious when it comes to speaking in public, but with this kind of approach, more people feel at ease about contributing to the conversation.

  • Promotes Versatility

There’s basically no limit to the amount of features that are present in online meeting platforms. Small business leaders should take this factor for what it’s worth and try to get the most out of the tools that equip them to carry out spectacularly structured discussion. Believe it or not, the large assortment of features available keeps your audience stimulated as well. There’s simply no time to yawn or entertain wandering thoughts when you have the opportunity to learn art of bi-directional document sharing or how to manipulate video layouts of a certain speaker.

  • Saves Money

Don’t get left behind in the dinosaur world of outdated business processes that sometimes plague the corporate sphere. Shareholders and top executives yearn for change and innovation. One of the top ways to show them that you’re on board with their ideals is to integrate Blue Jeans Video Conferencing systems into your daily work routine. Make the mark of a lifetime in your chosen profession by taking control of the advantages the online meetings that are within your grasp.

  • Promotes a Health Work/Life Balance

Have you ever felt like you’re the majority of your life during the week was spent in conference rooms? It’s not a good feeling to dwell on, as this brings up a very important point: if you’re stuck in an office conversation during most of your days, you really don’t have time or energy for anything non-work related.

In addition, excessive travels can put a damper on your spirits and drain you since it’s not done in moderation. When this happens, you’re no good to anyone, and you tend to get less work done because you’re focused on how bad you feel.

Online video conferencing gives you the power to dictate your work/life balance. Managing interactions on this platform gives you more time to put your energies toward your personal life and the activities that you enjoy doing outside of work.

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