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8 Ways Smartphones Assist Your Sales Team

ByJoe Connector

May 18, 2015

smartphones assistIn the current market, it’s now or never when it comes to closing a deal. If the prospects don’t buy when an irresistible offer is in front of them, chances are they’ll take their business elsewhere. But, with a smartphone at their disposal, your sales team can go the extra mile to eliminate any reservations and earn clients’ business.

Here are just a few ways smartphones are boosting conversion rates in the world of sales:

Email Management

Sales representatives’ email inboxes can quickly become inundated when out in the field pitching to prospects. However, having access to a smartphone makes it easy to quickly respond to basic inquiries, send out email blasts and reach out to customers with any questions, all while being away from their desks. And, if you invest in a smartphone with a strong battery life like the HTC One M9, your reps won’t be forced to linger around the nearest outlet to charge their phones.

Remote File Access

Now, there is no need to spend hours at the office digging through client files in search of historical sales data. If the files are held in the cloud, your team can access them directly from their smartphones and gather all the needed information for meetings while on the go. And, you can rest assured the information is up to date if your accounting system uses real-time reporting.

Contact Information

Should the prospect decide to check out your offerings and make a purchasing decision at a later date, you want to have a way to follow up with him or her. Instead of stuffing a business card in your wallet that can easily be misplaced or forgotten, you can train your sales reps to lock the prospect’s information into their smartphones and set a calendar reminder to initiate contact.

File Swapping

If you or someone on your team needs to place an important account in the hands of a colleague, Dropbox is a great file-swapping app that lets you send large client files, presentations and any other documentation they’ll need to make the meeting a success.

Remote Closing

Long gone are the days when a client would come into the office, sign on the dotted line and remit payment. Through smartphone apps such as eFax and Square that allow the transmission of files and mobile payment processing, sales representatives are able to close the deal outside of the office, whether it’s at the local coffee shop, a fine dining establishment or the client’s office.

Product Pocket Guides

While seasoned salesmen typically have their product pitch perfected, it doesn’t hurt to use a smartphone to show the prospect how your product or service works. Smartphones are a great way to show portfolios, product designs, blueprints, testimonials and any other information you have.


Sales representatives no longer have to rely on physical maps or GPS devices to navigate unfamiliar territory. Google Maps shows you where to go and even provides real-time traffic updates and alternative routes, which can help when planning out your daily route.

Travel Expense Reporting

If your sales representatives are incurring expenses while on the road, it can be difficult to organize and process handwritten records of expenses and accompanying receipts. Instead, encourage your sales team to download the Concur app and use it to record their expenses. And, since it easily integrates with most major accounting systems, your accounting process will be much more efficient.