• Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

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Agent Hollywood Entertainment Now Open to New Clients: Actors, Models, Speakers and Spokespeople

Agent Hollywood Entertainment is now open to new clients.  Representing the best in top quality professional Star Talent:  Actors, Models, Performers, Speakers and Spokespeople, heck – we even rep comedians …
Give us a call today to find out how A.H.E. is a leading source of amazing talent in Hollywood, California and around the globe.  We are straight up no BS representation, negotiate hard for our clients and tell it like it is.  If you cannot handle it, you should be working with someone else (or maybe in a different business).  If you can, and you have the burning desire to make it in this biz (and of course lots of talent) – we’d like to discuss your future.
Agent Hollywood Entertainment  (323) 379-9050