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Planning Continues for 2015 North America Tesla Living Green Tour

2015 North America Tesla Living Green Tour
I’m really starting to get into the planning for our tour of North America next year, tentatively called the “2015 North America Tesla Living Green Tour”.  I’m really looking forward to visiting all 48 of the contiguous United States, all ten provinces in Canada as well as the last frontier of Alaska in a Model S next year.  Heck, if all goes well, we may even have the Tesla Model S shipped over to Hawaii and end our tour there for New Years 2016 (Stacia and I have scheduled our wedding for sometime next year in Hawaii anyway).
To pull this off, we are going to need A LOT of support – but in return we are planning to add A LOT of VALUE for our sponsors.
Without question, Tesla Motors is the most obvious Title Sponsor, but we have not yet received a commitment from them.  I’m sure they will want to help support us in some big way, it just has not been decided yet.
There are several other ‘green and healthy companies’ that I plan to get involved.  It will also be beneficial for tourism boards across the country to get involved, get on our tour schedule and benefit from all the publicity and promotion that we are going to be doing.  I expect that there will be at least a couple of cities in each state that would like us to come and feature something great about their area – maybe even more from the five states that are reported to be in the running for the upcoming Tesla “Gigafactory” – Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.
Do you have any suggestions on how I should be marketing this tour?  Any potential sponsors or people that I should be contacting?  I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions on this.  Although I am manifesting a Tesla Model S, I’m not just wishing for it and sitting around.  I’m learning it, working it and determined to add value to people, companies and organizations to get it.  I’ve dedicated myself to doing whatever it takes to get a Tesla Motors Model S – and with a lot of help, I’m Getting a Tesla …
Thank you for your support.
Joe “Tesla Manifestor” Kennedy
(424) 234-8590

Panasonic to Team with Tesla Motors on New ‘Gigafactory’

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Tesla Delivers First Right Hand Drive Model S Luxury Sedans to Hong Kong

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Elon Musk Talks Tesla, SpaceX and Future of Travel with Stephen Colbert

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Tesla Motors Confirms Lower Priced Model 3 Due Out in 2017

According to a post by Gregory McNeal at, Tesla Motors has confirmed that a new, lower priced Tesla, the Model 3 will be sold in 2017. The next gen of Tesla is a smaller vehicle and will be marketed with a price point of around $35,000 to compete with the BMW 3 series vehicles.  It was… Continue Reading

Tesla Crash at Tesla Motors’ Fremont Store and Delivery Center Leaves Questions

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7 Reasons I am Excited About Getting a Tesla

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The is ONE Guy on the Planet Who Doesn’t Want a Tesla Model S After Driving One for the Weekend

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Squamish British Columbia Gets First Tesla Supercharger in Canada!

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