Monthly Archives: October 2005

Eastside Business website is being reworked

After yesterday’s Blog Business Summit, , we are putting the redevelopment of our websites into high gear and the new site should be complete by December 1st (if not sooner). In the meantime, if you would like to keep up on Eastside Business news, please feel free to sign up for the FREE Eastside… Continue Reading

Did you know that you can post a blog entry by email????

This is a really cool part about blogging.  I just found out how I can post an entry to the Eastside Business blog by simply sending an email! Now anyone who can send an email can be a blogger! Get your own blog at and make sure to check out   Continue Reading

Business Blog Summit – Overall Summary

Today’s 2005 Blog Business Summit in Seattle was great! Each of the speakers and presenters had a lot of great knowledge and experience to share and I took a lot of info away from it. The entire day was well-planned and professionally organized. It was the first time I had visited Bell Harbor International Conference… Continue Reading

Business Blog Summit – Blog Management: Strategies and Tactics

A panel of blogging experts including Chris Brownrigg of Boeing, Janet Johnson of Marqui and Brian Ratzliff of in Seattle, and moderated by Buzz Bruggeman. The initial discussion involves screening and editing posts. Boeing’s main blog does not accept comments at all. Their marketing (Randy’s Blog) blog does accept comments but only by email.… Continue Reading

Business Blog Summit – Blog Promotion: Posting isn’t enough

This session is being lead by Robert Scoble and Buzz Bruggeman. They both talk about how blogging is the way that word of mouth networking has evolved. How do you get a blog to talk about you? – join in – link to them – be interesting – share information – don’t write about your… Continue Reading

Business Blog Summit – Choosing a Platform

This session is about Getting started: Choosing a platform, which will be examined by Steve, Byron and Molly. A blogging engine is software that drives your blog. There are many different varieties that can have numerous admin and user features. There is a discussion going on about if and how to migrate from one engine… Continue Reading

Business Blog Summit – Seattle WA – Live! continued

After a break and fine lunch, Janet Johnson, Vice President of Communications of Marqui is telling the group about their experience as the first company to be widely known to have paid bloggers to write about them. They started an ethical debate about the use of blogs. The results are very interesting … I was… Continue Reading