• Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

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Building a Strong Brand Starts Inside Your Organization

Lobby-Wall-Mural-Fast-Water-Heater-RainMaker-SignsA company name or brand is short hand for all the emotions, expectations and experiences any given individual associates with that image or name.  While everyone knows to market their brand outside their organizations, many overlook the opportunity to market their brand inside their organizations. Your employees are a critical constituency of our business. The stronger you build your brand internally, the more committed, engaged, and productive employees are likely to be.  It feels good to be on the same team as those around you. Additionally, employees with clarity about your brand and mission are more empowered to help you build your business.

RainMaker-Signs-Studio-Bellevue-WA-Michael-McGinnSo how do you bring your branding inside?  A good place to start is by making your physical work place unique to your brand and company.  Jason Hanleybrown, CEO of Fast Water Heater based in Bothell, WA embraced this idea and made some dramatic changes to Fast Water Heater’s offices.  “We wanted to accomplish two things with our new wall murals – first have a large visual reminder about our core values that our employees see every day.  We now have interesting graphics that communicate our Mission and Values at our primary entry ways.  Second, one of our Values is “Enjoyment” – we wanted to create a positive and enjoyable work experience for our team members.”  Mr. Hanelybrown worked with Bellevue-based, RainMaker Signs to design and install new custom wall murals and graphics in the lobby, conference room, and other rooms throughout Fast Water Heater’s headquarters.

When asked about building organizational culture and attracting top talent Cameron Herold, author of Double Double is quick to bring up wall murals and graphics.   “Let your walls talk.  Your office space is one of the ‘decoys’ that will either attract or repel the ‘ducks’ you want to hire.  Use your space like a magnet.  The blank walls are canvas’ waiting to attract A Level employees to your company.”

In competition for top talent, tech companies know branding and work environment go hand in hand. Google understands the power of attracting and rewarding talent with amazing work space.  Google recently hired RainMaker Signs to design, fabricate and install wall graphics in their Kirkland offices along with adding wall lettering for some meeting rooms named after obscure Crayola crayon colors (produced in exactly those colors no less!)  Rover.com, a new tech company matching dog owners to the right dog sitters, is planning to install a 50’ mission statement mural in their new Seattle offices.

Deborah Scott, co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer at RainMaker Signs, understands the power of effective branding. Ms. Scott co-founded RainMaker Signs with Michael McGinn after a career of managing some of the largest brands in the world. For nearly a decade Scott managed top national brands at General Mills, including the flagship Cheerios brand. Ms. Scott went on to lead global brand marketing for Amazon.com and was responsible for the Amazon.com logo still in use today.

“We started RainMaker Signs because we believe great visual communications make great things happen.” Visual communications, be it wall graphics, vehicle wraps, displays or other types of signage, bring energy, personality, and key messaging to light in a very public way. When used internally it builds pride, affinity, and productivity. “We love helping our clients with marketing inside and outside their organizations. Both are important. We are proud to be a part of such positive projects and have an outstanding team to deliver great results.”