• Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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Average Asking Price of a Home in Bellevue: $2.2 million

Yesterday on the blog at A New Day Real Estate, I posted the most recent Bellevue Homes Report.  I pointed out that last week I had been prematurely optimistic about the number of homes coming on the market in Bellevue and that inventory had once again declined.

A couple of interesting statistics about single family homes in Bellevue:

1) yesterday there were only 3 homes in all of Bellevue that are listed for sale at less than $500,000 – today there is only 1.  Will we be soon seeing the last sales for less than half a million in Bellevue?

2) As of yesterday, the average asking price of the 87 Bellevue houses on the market was $2.2 million.

Read the rest of the post and watch the video here.