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  • “Yelp! Of Blockchain” – $1.4M for Review Industry

“Yelp! Of Blockchain” – $1.4M for Review Industry

Review.Network, a blockchain startup improving the review and market research industries that has been referred to as “the Yelp! Of Blockchain”, announced on August 14, 2018, that is has secured…

SLIVER.tv Launches Esports Platform on Blockchain Funded by $20 Million Token Sale

Co-Founders of Twitch and YouTube Advise Theta Token Presale That Sells Out in 48 Hours SLIVER.tv, the next-generation esports entertainment platform, announced the close of a $20 million (USD) Theta…

CIO Monica Eaton-Cardone Dissects Blockchain Obstacles and Opportunities

According to recent financial technology (FinTech) industry data, “billions of dollars have been poured into blockchain companies” as of September 2017, with initial coin offerings or token sales climbing to…