• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

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Seattle Seahawks Back2Back NFC ChampionsDespite falling 1 yard short from winning their 2nd consecutive Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks are still Champions.  They entertained us all season, they give back to the community in BIG ways – and they are still the Champions of the NFC.  They prepared well, they fought, they clawed and they scratched, coming up with amazing play after awesome play to get to the final minute of the big game.

What was amazing was how many of the Seahawks took the loss.  Sure it hurt – it wouldn’t be right if it didn’t.  Each guy took responsibility, placed no blame and it was really nobody’s fault.  They all fought together the entire season.
They played for each other.  We were treated to a great game and a great season.

Thank you to the Seattle Seahawks – America’s Favorite Team.

They will again have a great group of players next season, a super positive coach and are already favored to win the Super Bowl in 2016.  You know they will be prepared.  Just wait until next year ….