• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

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Weightlifting Dog Del Mar VillasThere seem to be many areas that homeowners at the Del Mar Villas are leaving themselves up to legal liability.  Non-owners and residents using the facilities (including the gym, pool and tennis courts), no speed limit signs in the parking lots (which are used as speedway cut-throughs for delivery trucks and neighbors) are a couple things that are super obvious.

Another big one is pets, specifically dogs, in the community gym.  Yes, I love dogs and yes the Del Mar Villas gym does have a liability disclaimer sign on the wall, but the disclaimer does not mention pets or dogs.

Unfortunately, there are several less than considerate dog owners who live in the Del Mar Villas.  Some of them actually take their dogs into the gym with them – disregarding that their neighbors may be allergic to and/or not want to smell them, or there shedding fur.  Yapping is another story altogether.

Management is well aware of the issue of people taking their pets into the gym – and in fact the manager  has been seen in the gym with her own dog , thereby seemingly ratifying that it is ok for anyone to do it.  Despite the unsanitary and unsafe conditions that it creates for residents wanting to use the gym – this continues to be allowed.

It’s obvious these dog owners don’t care about their fellow residents or potential allergies and think that it is ok to make anyone else wanting to use the gym to smell their pet.  BUT – What happens when one of these dogs bites a resident?

When will Del Mar Villas management or Board of Directors actually ban pets from the community gym?   Sadly, it might not be until after they are facing legal problems this could cause.  By then it will just be too little, too late.