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Bacon and Beer Announces Winners From Seattle Event

Bacon and Beer Classic Seattle The Bacon and Beer Classic was hosted at Safeco Field this past Saturday, May 2nd.  This unique bacon and beer tasting event held in MLB stadiums nationwide was a huge success with over 3,500 Seattleites.

The second annual event took over the home of Seattle Mariners with more than 20 local restaurants and 50+ breweries who served up their best selections.

A judging panel was present for both sessions and they worked together to select winners in the food and beer categories.  Judges included Ann Peavey, author of popular food and travel blog Seattle Maven, Charles Koh, the founder ofEatSeattle, Ethan Stowell, executive chef and owner of the Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Jackie Dodd, beer enthusiast and founder ofThe Beeroness, Jason Price, author of Seattle food blog TheHungryDogBlog and contributor to Seattle Weekly and Eater Seattle,Michael Dieterle, a BJCP recognized beer judge and homebrewer and Mike Besser, a beer judge at festivals nationwide also known as BrewDad.

Judges tasted as many eats as possible to make their decisions.  The winners are as follows:

Best Sweet Dish: Rhein House, Bacon Borscht with dill and creme fraiche

Best Savory Dish:  Ivar’s Seafood Restaurant: House-made Maple Bacon, Coho Salmon, Fennel Tomato Chutney, Essential Bakery Sea Salt Cracker

Best Overall: Boom Noodle, 2 years running for their Bacon Ramen Burger!

Winning beers:

Best Fruit Beer: 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Imperial Hop n Stalk

Best Slow & Low Beer (malty/roasted): Snoqualmie Brewing, Bunghole Double Brown Ale

Best Smooth & Easy Beer: SilverCity Brewing,  Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager

Best Hard & Fast Beer (hop heavy): Northwest Brewing, Hoppy Bitch



Best Sweet Dish: FROST, Bacon Doughnuts and Cupcakes

Best Savory: Seattle Salads, Bacon Soup & Salads

Best Overall: Radiator Whiskey, Bacon Sausage

Bacon and Beer Classic is a nationwide tour and the next stop is Indianapolis, IN at Victory Field t, Saturday, July 11th.