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Eastside Business Now Part of JoeKennedy.biz

As the first part of Phase 1 of my web experiment, I have imported the content from Eastside Business to this site Joe Kennedy.biz.

Eastside Business Monthly

When I first started printing Bellevue Business Journal newspaper in February 2005, it was really meant to be simply a local real estate newsletter and a way to reach real estate clients and potential clients.  Since Bellevue, Washington was just beginning to start a huge real estate boom – it just kind of took off.  More and more people wanted to be involved and the entire business kind of sucked me in again (I had previous owned and published The Valley Business Journal in Temecula, California).

A focus group showed me that many people thought that the entire Eastside of Lake Washington (NOT the Eastside of Seattle) wanted to be involved.  At the same time, the NY attorneys from American City Business Journals, owners of the Puget Sound Business Journal, were threatening to sue me for a bunch of bullshit reasons.  I decided to turn that negative into a positive and turn the paper into Eastside Business Monthly, aka Eastside Business and a ‘sister’ publication called Eastside Life.  The web presence for Eastside Business was at EastsideBusiness.com.

As a side note, many organizations copied me – as the Kirkland Business Association became the Eastside Business Association, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce turned their for profit awards event into the Eastside Business Awards and so on.

As of today, most of the posts that have survived years of movement between web hosting companies can now be found here at JoeKennedy.biz.

Over the next days, weeks and months, I will be importing content from my other sites to this site, as well as writing, posting and vlogging about a great variety of subjects including:  Real Estate, Travel, Technology, Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Development, Parenting, Life Hacks, Teslas and so much more!  If you have interest in any of those subjects, please let me know – and you are always welcome to write a guest post if you are so inclined!

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