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Daddy Blog linksLooking for Daddy Blog links? Here are the Daddy Blog links you need

Here are the best Daddy Blog links from around the world.  If you know of one that is not on the list, please contact Daddy Blogger World.  I have curated these Daddy Blog links mostly by navigating the interwebs.  Credits go to Mashable and more!


This hodgepodge blog appeals to the “modern parent” as a source for news, reviews, opinions and fatherhood in general. With more than 1,400 articles, the blog is a wonderful resource for virtually any parent. Geared toward self-professed “geeky parent-type folks,” 8BitDad’s authors consist of seven contributors, dubbed the “founding fathers.”

Dad@Home Fully Domesticated

Sometimes humurous blog by Gregory Tysowski. I discovered this blog through the National At Home Dad Network.  Greg is Canadian and calls himself the owner of two great kids.

Dad or Alive

Adrian Kulp‘s blog — with the same name as his 2013 book — Dad or Alive focuses on the “unexpected confessions of a stay-at-home dad.” Kulp’s writings take on quite a personal voice; spend half an hour on the blog, and you’ll feel as if you know his family. Kulp does a phenomenal job of blending his personal experiences with utility advice.

DaddyDoo Buddy

DaddyDoo Buddy


DesignerDaddy is a popular dad blog created and maintained by Brent Almond, an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator living with his husband and five-year-old son JJ.

How to Be a Dad

Another blog that adds a humorous touch to some of the “the-only-way-to-handle-this-is-to-laugh-about-it” aspects of parenthood (such as surviving a teething infant), How to Be a Dad focuses largely on the personal experiences (“commentary, experiments and failures”) of authors Charlie Capen and Andy Herald.

Mr. Dad

Mr. Dad takes more of a “Dear Abby” approach to the dad blog — many of the posts here are formatted in Q&A-style and provide invaluable advice for dads and parents in general. In truth, the site is really more of a “parenting resource” than a straightforward blog. Expecting fathers, first-year parents, single dads, military families and even grandparents will find a cornucopia of advice and support on the site.

Armin Brott, the site’s creator, is a bestselling author of eight books dedicated to fatherhood and host of “Positive Parenting,” a weekly radio program that airs in San Francisco.

Out With The Kids (OWTK)

OWTK focuses on parenting humor and photography, with everything from a helpful recipe box to ideas for frugal fun to some truly great family photos displayed online for the world to see and collectively “aww” over.