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Tesla iPhone App Can Help You Keep Track of Your Cars, Among Other Things

Just in case you have more than one Tesla Motors vehicle, the Tesla iPhone app can help you keep track of where they are.  It can also tell you how much of a charge it has, honk the horn or change the temperature in the car.
Here Monika Kozdrowiecka, owner of two Teslas, shows Peter Cheney of Globe Drive how to access a Tesla via iPhone.

(apologies, but I can no longer retrieve the video – but it was cool.  Monika could actually see where BOTH of her Teslas were …)

Do EMFs from Teslas and Other Electric Vehicles Pose a Health Risk?

Do EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) in Teslas and other electric vehicles pose a health risk to owners of these vehicles?  An article at the Daily Mail says that experts have dismissed the risk from EMFs in electric cars, but is there something there? WHAT ARE THE SAFETY CONCERNS SURROUNDING ELECTRIC CARS? The flow of electrical current to… Continue Reading

Will the Tesla Model X Still Be Out Fall 2015? I Sure Hope So …

This is a really interesting video where Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is introducing the new Model X.  This was over two years ago …  It was posted on February 9, 2012. Although there has been a lot of conjecture that Tesla will have to delay the production of the Model X until have the… Continue Reading

Canada’s Globe and Mail Journalist Peter Cheney Touring Model S from San Diego to Whistler

Peter Cheney on day one of his journey in Torrey Pines State Park near La Jolla, California.(Marian Cheney for The Globe and Mail) Peter Cheney, a journalist with Canada’s Globe Drive (auto) section of the Globe and Mail is in the midst of a tour in a Model S from San Diego (my former home) to… Continue Reading

I Applied For Jobs at Tesla

It’s probably not the fastest way for me to get my Tesla Motors Model S, but the other day I went to and applied for four different jobs – sales positions at the Bellevue Square and Seattle Tesla stores.  I also sent an email to the manager of the Bellevue Square store to let… Continue Reading

Tesla Motors Announces Extension of Model S Drive Unit Warranty

Tesla Motors announced today that the Model S drive unit warranty has been increased to match that of the battery pack. That means the 85 kWh Model S now has an 8 year, infinite mile warranty on both the battery pack and drive unit. Moreover, the warranty extension will apply retroactively to all 85 kWh Model S vehicles… Continue Reading

Mike’s Tesla Motors Model S on Display at Exotics at Redmond Town Center Auto Show

This morning while riding my bike home from the gym in Redmond, I came across a really cool car show in the parking lot at Redmond Town Center.  There were all kinds of awesome cars there, many that would make most car buffs drool.  I walked around the parking lot looking at and taking pictures… Continue Reading

Tesla Motors Opens New Super Charger in The Dalles Oregon

Tesla Motors has just announced that they’ve opened their latest Supercharger in The Dalles Oregon.  This Supercharger will support travel between Portland, the Columbia River Gorge, Eastern Washington and Idaho.  And as Tesla is fond of saying “For free, for life!” I cannot wait to charge up at The Dalles Tesla Supercharger after I get… Continue Reading