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2021 Covid Rules with Trey Kennedy

Trey Kennedy shares the latest Covid Rules for 2021 – thank your local politicians for this scam and pray that they all get prosecuted, along with their ‘big tech’ and…

Carlos Piccata Californian American Hero Makes Me Proud

A friend of mine posted a link to this Instagram post inside a private group on Facebook. I have no doubt that it will soon be pulled down via all…

Del Mar City Council Buys into and Promotes Leftist Fear Mongering, Driving Residents and Visitors Away

The Del Mar City Council is obviously confused. They are telling people what they must wear face masks any time they go outside. They are putting up misguided and plain…

TGIF – May 15, 2020 A Day Like Any Other Day

Thank God it’s Friday! That used to be the cheer of the 9-5 workforce … before Covid-19, the Great Pandemic (Plandemic?) and the Quarantine or Stay at Home Orders. After…