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Asian Hall of Fame Exhibit Debuts at SeaTac Airport in May

Asian Hall of Fame 2017The Robert Chinn Foundation is proud to announce the inaugural showing of the Asian Hall of Fame Exhibit in the South Satellite of the Seattle Tacoma International Airport starting in May of 2017. 

The Asian Hall of Fame Exhibit is a unique collection of images, memorabilia, and information which represent the Honorees that have been inducted into the Robert Chinn Foundation’s Asian Hall of Fame.  The artwork on display provides a one of a kind historical account of contributions by Asian and Pacific Islanders.  The exhibit will be enjoyed by the millions of travelers who use the airport and the display will be a relaxing way to spend the time waiting for upcoming flights.

The Asian Hall of Fame is a project of the Robert Chinn Foundation and was established in 2004.  It is a national recognition event for Asian Pacific Americans that honors achievements across industry and ethnicity with a national reach.  The event not only honors achievements, it inspires the next generation and builds a national community of Asian Pacific Americans. 

An opening reception will be held on: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 5:30 to 7:30 P.M. at Gina Marie Lindsey Arrival Hall, Seattle Tacoma International Airport