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As a former Fortune 500 Director of Talent Development, Renée Robertson designed and implemented a groundbreaking internal coaching program. This program earned Robertson her first of two International Coach Federation’s prestigious Prism Award, making her one of only nineteen winners globally. This program engaged more than 600 leaders from all functional areas of the company over a four-year period. It reinforced key training and change initiatives and was a critical component to succession planning. It was combined with key leadership development programs and professional development initiatives for executives, managers and top employees.

Reflecting on her success with Verizon, as well as her current work as the founder and CEO of Trilogy Development, a boutique consulting firm specializing in talent development, Robertson shares the steps—and potential pitfalls—on how to design, build and deliver an internal coaching practice in her new book, The Coaching Solution: How to Drive Talent Development, Organizational Change, and Business Results.

“Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to have clients in many industries, from pharmaceuticals and insurance to transportation, manufacturing and more. Each client provided me an opportunity to understand the unique client challenges of that industry and develop appropriate solutions,” says Robertson. “Since I founded Trilogy Development, I’ve seen many Human Resource and organizational development professionals who would like to coach inside organizations, but aren’t sure how to begin. This is why I created an easy-to-implement guide to help those folks have an approach and a process for designing a coaching program and obtaining the necessary buy-in.”

Providing guidance during a time when organizations are experiencing rapid shifts in leadership and changes in their workforce overall, Robertson has immediate availability for interviews and commentary, during which she can discuss:

  • A step-by-step approach to integrating coaching into an overall talent management strategy
  • Her best practices and lessons learned from years of successful coaching program development and implementation
  • The most critical keys to implementing a successful program
  • The impact coaching can have on sales organizations
  • Views on coaching all types of employees, from high potentials, mid-level managers to executives
  • The value of such a program on employee engagement, productivity and results.

Renée Robertson is the founder and CEO of Trilogy Development, a boutique consulting firm specializing in talent development. A veteran of Fortune 500 companies, Robertson has developed award-winning internal coaching programs and numerous succession plans  as well as talent development solutions, sales force integration programs and transformational initiatives. She has served as a trusted advisor and coach to many business leaders, and her expertise has made her a noted speaker and thought-leader. 

Robertson is one of only 19 winners globally of the International Coach Federation’s prestigious Prism Award. The Prism Award, established 2005, is presented to recipients annually who demonstrate the ability to strategically integrate coaching as an organizational development methodology, used to build leadership competency, drive change or enhance performance. A second PRISM award was presented to Robertson in 2006. 

For more information, visit www.trilogydevelopment.com and connect with Robertson on LinkedIn