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Google makes changes to Android OS for Tidyware Bellevue-based app developer

Tidyware LLC BellevueFallSafety Pro by Tidyware – Automatic Fall Detection and Alerts App for Android released by Tidyware, LLC

Designed with the direct assistance of Google, this jobsite safety app features intelligent fall detection and automatic alerts via email, phone and text to emergency contacts.

Bellevue-based FallSafety Pro for Android addresses the number one cause of death in construction accidents by providing intelligent fall detection and automatic alerts via email, phone, and texts to work teams, safety managers, and loved ones.

After a fall is detected, an alarm sounds and the worker has 45 seconds to signal they are ok before emergency contacts are alerted.  If an alarm is not canceled, FallSafety Pro triggers phone calls, emails, and texts sent with precise GPS-location information to the worker’s emergency contacts.

299,000 workplace falls lead to serious injury or death each year, and in emergency situations response time matters.  FallSafety Pro is designed to speed response which can positively impact outcomes.

The team at Google provided unprecedented assistance in preparing the Tidyware FallSafety Pro app, at one point making a change to the Android operating system to specifically enable core functionality of the app.

“We are especially thankful for the direct support provided by the Google team.  Their willingness to talk with us and their guidance leading to a change in how Android operates enabled us to deliver a better fall detection solution,” notes Tidyware Founder and former Nokia and Microsoft Development Manager Philip Carmichael.

FallSafety Pro by Tidyware is designed for individuals and organizations, and the built-in Safety Dashboard provides access to straightforward and easy to use monitoring tools that make deploying the app simple for teams of 1 to 1000.  

FallSafety Pro is available for free in the Google Play store.  FallSafety Service, an in-app subscription, increases the number of emergency contacts and communication methods, further enhancing safety efforts.  

Tidyware, LLC is a Bellevue-based technology startup focused on safety solutions.