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Local Volunteers Boost Cheasty Greenspace, Food Lifeline

ByJoe Conspiracy Theorist

Sep 26, 2015
More than two dozen Stantec Bellevue environmental experts, engineers, architects and design industry professionals recently spent of portion of their workday to aid a pair of local non-profit organizations. One group of volunteers helped in forest restoration in the northern portion of Cheasty Greenspace. The other group pitched in at the Food Lifeline.

The Cheasty Greenspace restoration included the removal of approximately 3,000 square feet of invasive Himalayan blackberry and English ivy. The effort supports long-term goals to provide access to nature while creating a safe, scenic pedestrian and mountain biking park for the residents of Seattle’s Rainier Valley. The mission is being led by the Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mountain View, a local non-profit which the Stantec team members partnered with for the work session. Friends of Cheasty Greenspace is advocating a comprehensive trail plan that includes pedestrian and mountain biking trails. 
At the Food Lifeline, volunteers repacked more than 7,300 pounds of frozen potatoes, fresh ground coffee and grocery rescue food. Those efforts helped provide more than 6,100 meals for people in need in Western Washington. Food Lifeline partners with more than 275 food pantries, shelters and other agencies to feed hungry residents of the community. The volunteer day project was a continuation of Stantec team members’ commitment to support the organization. Previously, staff participated in Food Frenzy, collecting donations to help feed children in need during the summer months.
The effort was part of Stantec in the Community Day. It was the third annual volunteer day for the company in which about 7,300 of the firm’s employees from around the world participated in service projects within their local communities.