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Dote Coffee Bar Lincoln South Food Hall BellevueDote Coffee Bar, located on the 2nd floor in Bellevue’s Lincoln South Food Hall, offers a highly curated collection of small batch, locally roasted coffee and adds a delicious twist- chocolate.  Co-owners Sarah Doud and Chef Ewald Notter have partnered to bring their culinary worlds together. Doud oversees the coffee products and Notter creates outstanding chocolates and ice cream that may be added to create a decadent coffee drink, a boozy coffee cocktail, or relished on their own.
Eastside resident, Sarah Doud, brings her extensive experience in the coffee business to Dote Coffee Bar. She was on the team that brought specialty coffee to London with the unveiling of Seattle Coffee Company, UK., and with nearly 50 stores and 4 years later, the business was sold to Starbucks as their entrance into the European market. Since then, Sarah has spent her career in marketing and brand strategy at companies including Starbucks, Drugstore.com and Seattle Chocolates.
Chef Ewald Notter is a master of modern day confectionary arts.  He is widely respected as an innovator who has helped to mold the craft and advance the industry. His impressive resume includes working and competing in over 15 countries, winning nearly 15 gold medals, as well as National and World Pastry Team Champion and Pastry Chef of the Year. He has been the subject of sugar and chocolate videos for the Culinary Institute of America and he is the author of four chocolate and confectionary books.

Dote Coffee Bar is the perfect, mellow meeting spot to enjoy one of their 8 coffee varietals. The shop sells whole beans that are purchased green and locally roasted in small batches by coffee importer and roaster, Philip Meech. Dote Coffee Bar’s signature coffee, served on the bar, is the Hayden espresso blend that comes from two estates in Brazil.  Other coffees originate from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia, and Guatemala. Purists can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup or adorn it with a one of Notter’s ganaches- Honey Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean White Chocolate or Tumeric Ginger. The ganaches are jarred and available to take home. They make an awesome spread on toast or drizzled on ice cream.

Dote Coffee Bar sports an array of drinks for adults like the Nitro Float; a classic root beer float, only better, made with nitro cold brew over vanilla ice cream, or beverages with spirits such as the Whiskey Double Dark, made with honey dark chocolate and espresso spiked with whiskey.

This holiday, Dote will be offering seasonal drinks crafted on the bar with house made ingredients for all ages: an Eggnog Latte, White Mint Mocha, and kid’s Minty Hot Chocolate that arrives with a charming chocolate truffle “stir in” (eggnog, holiday spice, mint). 

Dote Coffee Bar has a selection of easy gifts to share with friends, clients, teachers or a host/hostess: 5-piece truffle boxes- Salted Caramel and Holiday Collection (Holiday Spice, Mint, Eggnog, Salted Caramel, Honey Dark Chocolate) and 12-piece truffle boxes- Salted Caramel, Honey Dark Chocolate Collection and Holiday Collection. Chef Notter makes a series of utterly addictive, packaged chocolate nuts: caramelized hazelnuts in milk chocolate, almonds in dark chocolate, and pecans in while chocolate.  He roasts and caramelizes the nuts just before enrobing them in chocolate, then dusts them with gold luster dust.  In addition, to offering gift cards, Dote can package any coffee and chocolate combo in a ‘Dote Tote’.    

Sarah sees a great future for Dote’s unique merger of coffee and chocolate and appreciates the talent that Chef Ewald brings to their business: “I know there are fellow chefs and students in the industry who would say Ewald is known for his artistry and clean technique.  But what I love (from a pure enjoyment standpoint) is how he applies his master’s hand to the simple stuff, elevating it to a whole new place.  My favorite line of his is ‘making simple things truly exceptional is the greatest challenge.’  I think that really sums up what he brings to Dote.”

About Dote Coffee Bar

Dote Coffee Bar sources the highest grade direct relationship green coffee and roasts in small batches in Redmond, WA.  The coffee is combined on the bar with world-class chocolate, handmade ice cream and artisan booze for a unique coffee experience that emphasizes timeless flavors and the finest quality with every cup. Dote Coffee Bar is open Monday-Friday, 6am-9:30pm, Saturday 8am-9:30pm, and Sunday 8am -7pm.