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Crab King in Bellevue's Crossroad Neighborhood to Celebrate Grand Opening April 28th-30th

Crab King BellevueBellevue has become a dining mecca and one of the city’s newest restaurants, Crab King, will be celebrating its Grand Opening April 28th through 30th by offering the house Shabu Shabu multi-course menu for half price.  Xiaomeng Liu and his wife Peipei have based their specialized Northern Japanese style restaurant on a favorite Sapporo crab house called Kani Sho-gun.   Similarly crustacean focused, Crab King serves fresh crab in many dishes, including Red King, Japanese Snow and Dungeness. Liu, also the owner of iconic Seattle seafood dining destination Flying Fish, brought over two chefs from Hokkaido to helm the kitchen and provide guests with a truly authentic dining experience.
The menu celebrates the Liu’s preferred seafood, which is served hot pot, steamed, baked, and salt and pepper style. Most fresh frozen jumbo Red King Crab (which is very flavorful) goes to Japan or China and is not available for retail sale.  To ensure obtainability, Xiaomeng and Peipei purchased an entire year’s worth (investing approximately $100,000).  
Along with a la carte Japanese food, the menu’s highlight is the signature Shabu Shabu Tasting Dinner – a coursed epicurean delight featuring the namesake hot pot dish as the main course.  Ingredients are served raw and cooked by guests fondue style in a “secret broth”, kept hot on an inset table induction burner.  Shabu Shabu choices include Alaskan Red King or Japanese Snow crab, Wagyu beef, fish, shellfish and vegetarian options.  Normally priced at $68, during the three-day Grand Opening it will be offered for $34 per person.
The Grand Opening special menu:

Hamachi with Ponzu

quick boiled sashimi grade hamachi with Ponzu

Grilled Black Cod

black cod marinated with miso paste

Beef, King Crab, Oyster, Clam, Vegetable Shabu Shabu

self-cook fondue style in “secret broth”

Udon Noodles

the most famous udon noodle brand, Sanuki udon

Green-tea Brulee


Crab King prides itself on not only serving the highest quality food but also in sharing the same attitude when it comes to their signature cocktails and martini’s.  Only premium ingredients are used with a focus on engaging both a guest’s taste buds and vision.  One of the featured cocktails is the “Happy Crab”, which is composed of four different rums combined with the fresh orange, pineapple and cranberry juices. The end result is both refreshing and delicious.  For patrons looking for something with a little more kick, there is the popular “Ginger Margarita” – a twist on an old classic. 
The full bar also features a large selection of sakes, including Hana-Awaka – a sparkling sake and Kubota Manju Jum Daiginjo, one of the most sought after Daiginjo in Japan.   Beer, wine and champagne round out the list, along with soda, juices and TWG tea (a world renowned boutique brand famous for its enticing aroma when poured). 
Crab King is located at 15600 Northeast 8th Street, Suite O18, Bellevue, WA 98007.  The stylish, beautifully designed venue is located in the Crossroads area, adjacent to the Regal Cinema. Along with unlimited free parking, there is outdoor patio dining and the restaurant is able to accommodate private parties up to 16.  For reservations, call Crab King at (425) 429-6800.

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Justin A France
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