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Classic Pianos in Bellevue to Host $750,000 Piano

ByJoe Conspiracy Theorist

Feb 27, 2016
Classic Pianos is hosting a Bösendorfer Factory Selection Tour event, which features a special collection of uniquely beautiful pianos from the world’s oldest premium piano manufacturer, March 10-13. This event, taking place at Classic Piano’s showroom (10635 NE 8th St., Bellevue, Wash.), represents one of the largest groups of Bösendorfer pianos ever to be displayed in a single location in the United States.
            “The Bösendorfer Factory Selection Tour is an incredibly rare opportunity for our customers to play such a large and varied collection of stunning instruments

from this famed company,” said Ben Klinger, sales manager of Classic Pianos. “Bösendorfer represents the epitome of fine piano making, an instrument of extraordinary beauty allowing the player to achieve the highest level of musical interpretation. We encourage people to come out and see this spectacular display that will inspire the ears and eyes of musicians and music lovers alike.” 

Among the instruments featured are several limited edition Bösendorfer models, including the 200 “Klimt,” Opus No. 50.000 Semi-Concert Grand and the 280 Vienna Concert Grand Piano. The Klimt model was made in cooperation with the Belvedere Museum, Vienna, which has the most extensive collection of Klimt paintings in the world, including the world famous “Kiss.” Bösendorfer used a very high resolution image of the painting and, through advanced reprographic techniques, reproduced it on the inside of the lid of the company’s best selling 200 model.
In addition to this image, craftsmen applied elements of real gold leaf to dazzling effect. The model on display at Classic Pianos Denver is one of only 25 manufactured by Bösendorfer and there are no more available.
With a remarkable $750,000 price tag, the Opus No. 50.000 is inspired by two instruments created for the 1867 World Exhibition in Paris, and incorporates two bronze cast 24-carat gold-plated caryatids and an extensive use of gold into its exquisite design. This opulent 225 Semi-Concert Grand model for the 21st century is distinguished by four singular veneers–burr French walnut, French walnut, pear wood and maple–and hand laid gold leaf covering the entire piano frame. Its distinctive marquetry inlay features a traditional harp motif and the keyblock bears a 24-carat gold plated commemorative Opus No. 50.000 plate. This golden wonder produces an orchestral sound spectrum with a wealth of tonal colors, from sensitive pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, with four additional keys in the bass to subcontra F enhancing its dynamic range. 
The handcrafted 280VC Grand Piano possesses the distinctive Viennese sound, responsive action and sophisticated dynamic response that have made Bösendorfer a beloved piano for generations of pianists, yet the instrument benefits from many new technical developments instituted during a multi-year refinement process. This exceptionally versatile concert stage instrument holds its own against the power of a large orchestra, but also has the sensitivity to offer nuanced accompaniment to chamber music.
The eminent pianist and composer, Sir András Schiff, recently completed his most recent two-year concert tour cycle this month with performances on a 280VC Grand Piano. 
“The exc
lusivity of owning a Bösendorfer brings with it a pride, satisfaction and enjoyment known only to collectors of fine art and fine musical instruments,” said Simon Oss, premium piano marketing manager, Bösendorfer. “These pianos are steeped in a rich European musical legacy – straight from the home of Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler, W.A. Mozart, Johann Strauss, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Joseph Haydn and many more.”