• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Our Great Awakening

Exposing the Scams of the Global Elite #WWG1WGAWW

Celebrate Family Friends Freedom - Bellevue Business Journal

Seems to be A LOT going on – actually we’re waiting for a whole lot more. PIR says “be alert” – watch out for potential false flags, outages of power, internet, communication, etc.

But in the meantime, make sure to enjoy this week and celebrate with and for Family, Friends and Freedom this week! United States Independence Day July 4th is perhaps my favorite holiday of the year. Lots and lots of great memories of BBQs, parties and fireworks on the 4th of July.

Despite the scamdemic forcing cancellation of most all public fireworks shows last year, President Trump headlined an amazing 4th of July Independence Day rally and fireworks show at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

This year there will be a 4th of July fireworks show open to the public in Bellevue, Washington – but it will not be an all day event with other entertainment or food available as it used to be. Not sure, but it may end up being Ava Kalea’s first ever fireworks show. Ava Kalea does not like loud noises.

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