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Ascension Ventures Makes Strategic Investment in Atigeo

ByJoe Conspiracy Theorist

Sep 25, 2015
Victor Kats, Managing Director at Ascension Ventures, joins Atigeo board.
Atigeo, a compassionate technology company and developer of the xPatterns big data analytics platform, recently announced it has secured growth financing from Ascension Ventures.  Atigeo also announced the appointment of Victor Kats, managing director at Ascension Ventures, to Atigeo’s board of directors.

Ascension Ventures’ investment was part of a larger investment round of $18.4 million, which included both new and current investors.   
“Adding Ascension Ventures further aligns us as we continue building critical healthcare applications that enable enhanced patient care, operational efficiencies and mitigate risks,” said Michael Sandoval, founder and CEO of Atigeo. “We’re also very pleased to welcome Ascension Ventures managing director and healthcare veteran, Victor Kats, to our board of directors and believe his experience will contribute to the success of our healthcare offerings.”
“We observed xPatterns’ ability to turn raw data from multiple sources, structured or unstructured, into highly-relevant and accurate information that can be used by our limited partners for a variety of clinical, financial and operational use cases, “said Kats. “The total time for this process took days and weeks, not months and years, which is unique and disruptive in the world of healthcare analytics.  We view Atigeo as being strategic to the healthcare industry at large.”
Atigeo’s xPatterns platform quickly streamlines the most cumbersome steps in data science and analytics, and unlocks insights that decision-makers can use to anticipate and solve the most complex business problems.
About Atigeo

Atigeo is a compassionate technology company for a wiser planet. The xPatterns™ platform, Atigeo’s flagship big data analytics product, generates knowledge from all available data to deliver previously unforeseen insights, predict outcomes, and mitigate risks. xPatterns revolutionary analysis is localized, responsive, adaptive and automated, which means organizations can quickly deploy a solution, extend existing technology investments, broadly scale and apply learnings in a timely manner to solve the most complex business problems.