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Trying to Reach ‘My Audience’ – I’m Starting a Stay at Home Dad Podcast

Ava Kalea Kennedy w her Stay at Home Dad

Ava Kalea Kennedy w her Stay at Home DadMy wife Stacia and I had a conversation the other day about connecting with people who are just like me.  I pointed out the obvious:  there is nobody just like me.  After thinking about it, I realized that almost everybody probably wants to be unique – but crap, just look at me …  lol

Then my thoughts got beyond looks and I realized that I do have A LOT in common with many people.  I am an entrepreneur.  I have a home-based business.  I am into fitness, nutrition, health and personal development.  I am a dad.  I am a step-dad.  Stacia and I have teenagers – and a toddler.

What’s even crazier is that at 55 years young, I am a stay at home dad to 20 month old Ava Kalea.  Seems like that is pretty unique – after all, not too many guys as “experienced” as I find themselves as fathers of toddlers, especially not stay at home dads.  But apparently there are some …  I just found a Facebook Group called Older and Wiser Stay at Home Dads – even though I don’t consider myself wiser, my request to join is currently pending.  There’s even a National At-Home Dad Network – and they are holding their 2018 convention in Orlando in September.  My new goal is to have enough sponsors for my podcast by that time to pay for me to attend!

My real interest is connecting with other stay at home dads who are interested in becoming more fit and healthy – regardless of their age.  Big bonus points for those who are involved with home-based businesses or would like to start one.

I’m going to start investing significant effort to try to connect with these types of people.  So if you happen to know a stay at home dad (of any age) who may be interested in connecting with other stay at home dads – and possibly being interviewed on a new Stay at Home Dad podcast, please send them my way or have them contact me.  (I just realized that I need to create a contact page for this site and will do so very soon).

BTW – if you happen to have any ideas for a logo or cover or even topics for the new podcast, I would love to hear them!

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