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Simple and Graceful Laptop Sleeve For A MacBook

ByJoe Conspiracy Theorist

Dec 11, 2015

Do you carry a huge laptop bag every where you go? Do you find yourself acquiring more stuff in your purse the bigger the bag gets the more stuff you start adding to it? Every time I look inside my purse I wonder why I have all this stuff. I wish I had something a little more simple. I believe I found it.

I have a 13″ Mac Book Pro and I have had it for a few years now. My awesome husband got it for me since I really needed it for what I do. I am so grateful that I get to live the laptop lifestyle. I am also in the process of pairing down my “Stuff” and starting to plan our travels in 2016. You want to check out The Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve from STM.

The Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve

The Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve is simple it fits my 13″ Mac Book Pro perfectly. It’s made by a great company called Standard Technical Merchandise or STM. 

The Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve hugs my laptop and it feels snug as if it will protect it well. I am pretty clumsy at times so if I swing my arms around and bump a wall which I occasionally do a times it seems to be perfectly protected. After slipping in your laptop it has a magnetic flap that closes the top of the sleeve and makes it easy to close up and access right away. 

I love the color salmon pink and beige but it does come in other colors that might match your wardrobe. You might find some of the other colors your mood check it out here. 
The Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve also has a front zipper pocket if you need to put your phone, cards, pens or other cords that you might need to take with you. I am trying to keep it simple so I love that it doesn’t give you much more room for anything else. Mostly everything I need is digital or can be access online so all I need is my laptop and just a few things I can put in the front pocket.

The straps are strong and it fits great right under my arm. It’s light and I can travel with it easily to the nearest coffee shop or to my next meeting. I am enjoying using this bag for laptop travel needs. If you have a bigger laptop there is a 15″ sleeve that is available also. 

If you are looking for something like a clutch purse, a sleeve with no straps or even a bigger bag STM Bags has more options to choose from. The 13″ Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve was my choice and I feel so graceful carrying this on my arm. I know, cheesy line – I am not sure why it is called Grace Deluxe but It sure does make my life simpler. 
If you have any questions about it this bag or if you decide to get it too please let us know and comment below…