My Red X Project: Day 2

For the past year and a half, maybe two, I have gotten up almost every day (at least days that end in ‘y’) at 3:25 am to drive Rideshare: Lyft and Uber. Mostly taking people to the airport – although on weekends, holidays and during the summer months, there are also people needing to get home after partying all night.

I actually feel a little ripped off that there wasn’t rideshare during my days as a ‘partier’. I would definitely have gone out a lot more …

Today is Wednesday, which can be very unpredictable in the rideshare world. Some weeks, Wednesday can be one of the best, busiest, most profitable days. Other times (like today) it can seem like there are very few rides and hundreds of drivers waiting for them. It’s 6 o’clock right now and many days I would be on my way to the airport for the 3rd time. Today I’ve only had one ride – but I did get the chance to replace both tail lights and to start writing this post for my second Red X in a row …

UPDATE (Next Day) – just as I was writing the above I got a Lyft ride and stayed busy throughout the morning. When I got home, I ate and then Stacia, Ava Kalea and I walked down to the tot lot at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar and from there walked home via the beach to Torrey Pines. It was a beautiful clear day with temps in the low 70s.

After our walk, I ate again (I eat A LOT) and went downstairs to workout. Got in a good, albeit short 75 minute weight session and then got to sleep for a little over an hour before going back out to drive for a couple of hours. A couple of hours turned into all night (or most of it), after I got a ride to take a guy to LAX. He was a super nice guy from Taiwan who works at Qualcomm and is very smart. We had a nice conversation all the way up – he actually sat in the front seat – AND he tipped me – WELL!

So I didn’t get home until after midnight, which made it next to impossible for me to get up this morning at 3:25 am like almost every other day. But it led to a nice morning which I will get into in my next post – right AFTER I go to my calendar and put a big RED X for yesterday’s writing!

BTW – did you read my post the other day when I admitted to and stated that I was an addict for almost 35 years? Crazy thing to do? Not sure, but it felt very freeing. I’m just lucky to be alive. So VERY GRATEFUL! (would love to hear YOUR comments – criticisms and / or support are equally appreciated!)

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