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Journal to Abundance: Day 1

Journal to Abundance Day 1 Brain Dump
Day 1: Brain Dump
We have all the answers inside of us. The more you ask within, the more you will bring out the answers we are seeking. Write a minimum of 3 full length pages.
No specific rules to do this, just sit there and anything that comes to your mind just write it down. It’s a stream of consciousness. Whatever feel called to do. You can write a to do list, but it doesn’t have to be.
Think of it as unplugging everything in your mind. Unblock anything the good the bad, and ugly anything going on in your head. Detox of anything emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Keep going until you feel purged.
Let me know if you have questions
Love you!

Journal to Abundance Day 1 Brain DumpJuly 18, 2017

Day 1 of Journal to Abundance:  Brain Dump

Sorry much going on, I just don’t know where to start.

Currently pretty frustrated that the Prius was wrecked by a guy backing up over the hood of it.  Hate that I have to feel it in my neck too.  Scared that I don’t have any way to make money while I’m injured.

Pissed that State Farm is trying to deny liability just because their client won’t answer his phone.  Want the car either fixed or totalled fast.  (it’s got to be pretty close to totalled).

Really want to be supportive of Stacia in her quest to support us financially and have me stay home with Ava – and manage her ‘acting’ or ‘modeling’ career.  Feel like we’ve made some headway and with a little more work will be in a good position to at least get some opportunities to audition.  Not sure what all I can do to help Stacia do what she wants – or if I should just keep the Midge and I out of her way …

I know over time I can get back to doing the grocery shopping and preparing most of the meals (although they are just so tasteless …).  I can keep the apartment tidy and keep up with laundry.  Hopefully before long my neck injury will be healed and I will be able to work my schedule so that I can workout every day, eat right – and pursue my Jump Rope Across America idea to help in stopping the obesity epidemic.

My initial idea is to solicit corporate and individual donations of jump ropes and money to buy jump ropes – as well as to help pay for expenses associated with traveling across the country, running events and giving free jump ropes to 6th graders in every state in the country.  Prices of jump ropes can vary between $3 and over $50 each.  It would be great to get a large sponsor to provide for 5,000 jump ropes – and others to pay for the Jumping for Health tour where we get kids to use the jump ropes and learn about the benefits of eating healthy.

I don’t actually want to spend a whole lot of time  pushing this project forward until I can prove to myself that I can actually jump rope for a full mile.  Before the accident I was getting a lot better and feel like I’m pretty close.  By the end of the summer, I shouldhave some sort of idea how far I can go.

Stacia and I are starting a new healthy habit – running on the beach at 5am in the morning.  We were late this morning (didn’t get up until after 6am), but it sure felt good to be on the edge of the world so early in the morning.  I just love being by the beach and it almost always feels right.  It will be so much better when I’m not in pain and can really run and train.

Tomorrow is Opening Day at Del Mar Racetrack and we are planning to go and take Ava.  Last year during the fall meet, we took Ava for a concert after the races and saw a horse throw his rider, break away from his trainer and run out to the track and start a race on his own – all to a standing ovation.

Love getting to spend time with my girls – and with Makaya on the occasion when he feels like it.  Hope that he really had a good time last weekend at #attshape at Warner Brothers Studios.  It seems like if he really wants to pursue making films, the more time he can spend around it (especially pros and super enthusiasts).  I hope I can somehow help motivate him and make him feel like his interests are supported by Stacia and I.  That’s just one of the reasons that I got us set up with media passes to Twitch again …

Really, really do miss Jacqueline.  I feel terrible that she doesn’t even want to see me or talk to me – or even Ava Kalea …  Not sure exactly what to do, but I do know that Olena telling me that she would not allow me to see Jackie unsupervised was totally uncalled for – and definitely not according to the court approved parenting plan.  Wish she could be down here with us for a month or two during break, or even ongoing.  If she gave it a chance, I think that she’d quickly find that San Diego is a totally bitchin place to live.  I wish I grew up here and still hold out hope that one day she will join us back here.

Up until the accident, I felt like I was making really good progress on my personal fitness.  BUT now, since I’ve been in pain, I haven’t been able to have proper workouts.  Once I am able to get back on top of training, I am ready to get super intense and reach some aggressive goals that I never really thought that I could ever touch.

It would be really cool to get to below 10% bodyfat and over 175lbs by the end of summer – and be back in great condition.  I would love the opportunity to doing the Jumping Across America Tour and help a bunch of sixth graders learn about fitness, health and nutrition.

That’s a decent 1,000 word brain dump to start out.  Didn’t have any problem thinking of things to write about.  Seldom do.  Maybe I should be writing more each and every day.  It can be a very freeing experience – not to mention that I have had some great success by writing proposals, offers, letters, press releases etc.

I do like the idea of really building out some of our niche sites with Stacia and Virtually Famous Marketing.  Ever since we started seeing each other, we’ve been talking about traveling – and I really want to do it full-time once the teenagers are out of high school.  It will be so awesome when we are making huge incomes on our sites and marketing efforts – no matter where in the world we may be laying our heads that night.

Until then, I’m a little scared.  It’s not cheap to live here and we were still behind each month when I was working 60-70 hours a week …  With no other income scheduled at this point, it is more that frightening – BUT I do have faith in Stacia and know she will pull it off.  I just don’t want her to have to stress out like I have been lately …

Some how, some way, I really do believe that some good things are happening – and that we are ready for them!  We believe in and live with appreciation and in abundance.